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Randomness XVI: Brains versus Bleach - an Epic Rap Battle in Iambic Pentameter.

Froggy the Great

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45 minutes ago, TGP said:


Someone has nicknamed it (or them if there are two variants) the....


Kung Flu

I've been calling it Corona Chan. Simply because the idea of the virus as an anime character being responsible for humanity's doom reminds me of the Stay Puff Marshmellow Man from Ghostbusters. The more cute and innocent something appears to be, the more dangerous it is. As Bart Simpson taught us on the subject of butterflies...

As to the subject of inventory, optimisim bias and normalcy bias are what I'm viewing as a deeper cause underneath the profit motive level. As a society we chose a risky route because "nothing bad will ever happen" and got caught flat footed. In a universe where entropy applies it was bound to happen at some point, but humans are prone to short term thinking. So now little Corona Chan is waging an effective Materialschlacht against the world, something we are very vulnerable to given the choices that were made on various levels over the course of the last several decades. She's using the same strategy that drove Rommel out of Africa, and on a larger scale defeated WW2 Germany itself. The North's blockade of the South during the Civil War is another example. Corona Chan seems to be a professional, she focuses on logistics rather than tactics. 

On the subject of writing, I achieved my goal of at least getting to the first confrontation. Got about 2/3 of the way thru it before sleep came. I was able to solve the power creep issue with the entity by having one of the characters freak out halfway thru the banishing attempt, break the circle while fleeing and hilarity thus ensued. It's not quite strong enough yet to do much physical harm, but it is very effective on terrorizing the weaker links of the group. Made it to page 30, three of the characters have managed to flee the basement before the door slammed itself shut, the main character is lying at the bottom of the stairs as the entity tries to Vader choke him, and the Wiccan has found a zippo in the couch and is trying to get the sage lit so she can bail him out. 


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3 hours ago, Kangaroorex said:

I have owned cars that were worth less than that...  one of them had a sunroof and a glass bottom (large holes in the roof and floorboards and the only thing I had on hand to patch them was calking and slabs of Lexan -- don't ask where the Lexan came from, I promise that you do not want to know!)


Lexan. That would of worked out way better than the duct tape and plywood patch I had over the holes in the bottom of my Omni. Guess that's why I never became an engineer.

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5 hours ago, haldir said:


900478658_64e8c1d458_c.jpgTruth by YeAuldGrump, on Flickr




The games tonight and tomorrow are cancelled.


Friday and Saturday are still on.


For next Monday's after school virtual game (need a better name) I intend to pick on the problem kid that came back - if I am reading the kid right, he is going to love this. :devil: (Seriously - I think he will really enjoy this, either way it goes.)


He will get to be the first one that gets to meet the serial killer face to face, while he is alone, and his truncheon will be completely ineffective against it.


There are two ways for him to survive - one is an old discarded horseshoe, unlike his wooden truncheon that old horseshoe can do damage - not a lot, but the thing is not used to being injured at all. If it takes more than ten points of damage, it will flee.


The second is a bit of a deus ex machina - an ogre cabbie with a club studded with cold iron nails comes to his rescue, just as he is dropping into negatives. The last thing he will hear, as the session ends, will be an ogre saying 'I got ya buddy, stay with us...'.


For what it is worth - the bad guy in the version for the after school game is completely different than what will be the bad guy in the grown ups' game, if I ever get to run it - as is its motives.  This version started with goblins, but is escalating to larger prey - the use of the goblins as zombie labor was a crime of opportunity, and one that had been going on for months before the serial killer started.


The rest  of the group will get to rescue the goblin klobasnick seller - who ties into the goblin zombie thread, not the serial killer. (He saw something he shouldn't have - the only reason he's still alive is that the necromancer and his partner in crime are squeamish, and not murderers. Yet.)


The serial killer is a bogeyman - a fey created and motivated by the atavistic fear and anger that many in the city feel against the nonhuman foreigners - starting with goblins, then orcs, then elves, then dwarfs... it is not yet ready to start on ogres....


The Auld Grump

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I am going to feel all off kilter because of the games being cancelled....


But I had forgotten that today's game was already cancelled due to St. Patrick's Day celebration.


My grandfather told me that corned beef on St. Patrick's Day is not a celebration of being Irish - it is a celebration of being American, and allowed to eat meat.


The Auld Grump

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The only way I have of celebrating St. Patrick's day would be to finally cook that sweet potato.  It's not green.  But it is orange. A third of the flag is Orange.







1 hour ago, OneBoot said:

Including! My missing bottle of Retro Frost Satin! :bday:


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9 hours ago, TGP said:


I am aggravated at Walmart and all the other corporations that copied them to survive. (But if you like you can blame Toyota...it’s not like Wallyworld engages in original thinking.)








There is a reason we run out of things when there is any crisis, or emergency, or Hurricane, or panic, or whatever. 


The whole economy of the US is deliberately designed to breakdown easily if there is an unexpected event. 


Efficiency = Profit$ = Vulnerability to Disruption


I'm glad to see that you are beginning to see the appeal of socialism, TGP.


I wonder if I can count to 100 before Doug bites me? 

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2 hours ago, kristof65 said:

In my experience, that wouldn't have stopped you.

You should see some of the car wash sites I service that are owned by engineers...

And then I can show you my house, the former dwelling of one of my own company’s quality control engineers. Silicone was this man’s go-to material. Doors, windows, tiles, electrical sockets, carpet, woods, etc. And the cedar shingle roof? Places look like he used that little jar of miscellaneous screws and nails that we all have. I’ve literally been stunned into having to take a break from home repairs after I have found things that were done to this abode. 

And speaking of stunned, as mich as I actively avoid the social media, I manage to wade into a Twitter cess pool every now and then, and boy did I find a rancid one today. Speculation of who people could sue for damages due to the shutdown was rampant, going across the criminal spectrum from theft to false imprisonment to murder. I am so glad that I am not a social media junky. I am entirely unsure how I would stay sane, but then, on second thought, maybe that’s the problem.

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