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Randomness XVI: Brains versus Bleach - an Epic Rap Battle in Iambic Pentameter.

Froggy the Great

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Evening all!


Long.... long... work day. Project that I thought was soooooo close to done... well, not so much. Boss wants me to tackle it from a different angel and... it's gonna be a LOT more work. 




I'm also leaning toward brown pelicans. 


Time for dinner. 

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24 minutes ago, Sirithiliel said:

Toilet paper mimic is up in reaper store


The massive pewter toilet paper monster is an investment at $18.49.  Someday, maybe Reaper will make a Bones version, or a 3D file for a printer.  The much smaller swarm of TP isn't too bad, though, at $7.99.  

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5 hours ago, Sirithiliel said:

Here in Texas I recently saw a HUGE flock of pretty big birds. Not sure what they were. They didn't flap much at all, mostly flying by soaring in spirals. Long skinny wings, not geese because geese do not soar, they power flap constantly






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Ever notice that when there is a secret evil cult, they tend to meet underground, often in a hidden area off a sewer?


Guess where the After School Kids in the first group are?


Hip waders and nose plugs. ::P:


*EDIT* Cheating, a bit - both groups are going to end up on the Plane of Strife, but very different areas - the first group is getting a flooded stinking dungeon - the other is getting fire and brimstone.


Same cult though.


The Auld Grump

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1 hour ago, Sirithiliel said:


naaaah, trust me! *points to title* i would know if they were pterosaurs! the rear end is all wrong! and the sun should be shining through the skin membranes!

you are correct.These are actually dinosaurs, where pterosuars were not

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4 hours ago, Sirithiliel said:

yea i'm leaning to pelican. There was definitely no huge areas of white on them, so brown pelicans seems more likely


Ducks.  Did you rule out ducks?

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Dwarf women always should be bearded.


Unless they're living amongst the tall folk and, having taken to their ways and/or developed certain fetishes, choose to shave. :upside:


Elsewhere, I'm 27/27 on my NaPoWriMo, just three more poems to go to knock the whole month out, but it's turned into an absolutely magical garbage fire. Tonight's poem involved a speaker being led around an underground city by a kender. Just kind of riffed around after the evening's D&D game (which was a lot of fun, but the by). Think it's safe to say my window for turning out some promising material has slammed shut.

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