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Hi, I bought tickets for myself and my step son.  We are trying to sign up for d and d games.  I can sign up but since his ticket is on my log in I can not find how to register him for the same game as me.  Can anyone help with this? I think I need to make a gamer id for him but can't since it's my log in

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It's like herding spaghetti over there but I think if you click on your name in the upper right corner and pull down the drop menu, then select "My Orders" it will take you to your order history page.  From there you can see purchases by date,  and can select "View Order" which takes you to a list of what you bought.  Next to each item is a small "edit" button which allows you to change names assigned to tickets.  That should allow you to assign your first ticket to your son, and free your account to purchase a second in your name.   And if it doesn't, you can switch the name back to your own the same way. 


From this page you can also print the QR code for each badge, class, or event. 


I haven't bought any games, only classes, but I had to do that for my husband's tickets.

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