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CMON Zombicide: Invader

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10/31 - Survivor Jared




Happy Halloween everyone! So I have been busy and haven't been able to pick up a brush until recently. I decided to work on Jared next.


Standard routine so far, nothing new to see here. Zenithal priming followed by blocking in some colors. I applied a couple of thin glazes of Deep Sea Blue to add some more shading and interest, though it is really subtle.



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11/2 Jared, Cont.


Today was blocking in a few more base colors, and then putting in some freehand work. As I expected, I am terrible at free hand. Especially shapes that have to be symmetrical, such as stars - but it has to be done, and from a distance, they aren't too bad.


I applied a Nuln Oil wash to the gun to darken it up a bit, and then applied Agrax to the leather bits as well as the brass hoses and connectors. I applied Vallejo Metal Color Aluminum to the belt, then went over it with Contrast Space Wolves Gray,





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11/14 - Xenos Hunters



Taking a brief break from Jared, as I am not sure what to do with his backpack unit just yet to move on to finishing the rank-and-file xenos.


A little help with basing this time around...no fingers were glued together in the process.




Fast-forward a bit, and we get to something like this...



...and lather, rinse, repeat and we have spooky hunters.



The tentacles I used just Contrast Flesh Tearer's Red, FW White Ink, and shaded with some of the original Contrast Space Wolves Gray. Since it is a blue-grey, it lends a purple tint, which is very convenient for shading the red!

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11/23 Hunters Finished, Magnus Started


I did some touch-ups on the hunters, applied matte varnish and then gloss varnished the tentacles per usual. With that, that completes the core box rank-and-file units...




Eventually, I will circle back to Jared to finish his cattle prod and figure out what to do with this backpack. However, lets get started on Magnus!







...and another pesky mold line I missed...I might take some time and clean this one up...



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Jared & Magnus, Cont.


Not a lot of progress, but a few core things done. The base colors and highlights were done on Magnus' face, along with the hair and hair stubble. A light glaze of a diluted medium gray color along the hair line for the effect. I also blocked in the first of the two flag icons. I shaded the bottom half of the flag-knee with a purple, which really helps give it more definition. Finally, I mixed up some green tones and added them to the shoulder plate and ammo boxes.








For Jared, I added some subtle shading blue-black to some of the white armor to give a bit more contrast. The under-armor plates were given a coat of blue, the second wire was changed from yellow to orange (orange contrasts green). I added the metallic gold (Vallejo Metal Color, Gold) to the studs/rivets and gave them a wash of Agrax Earthshade/Reikland Fleshshade. I noticed that some of the armor panels were also that military olive green color, so with a quick mix of black, green, and yellow oxide, I went to work on the shoulder plates. I glazed in a darker mix, once again to give it a bit more visual interest to an otherwise flat panel on the back. Nothing too extreme, but something subtle that still registers visually.





Still working with the Kimera set almost exclusively (haven't been brave enough for skin tones), and it has been an interesting experience. In some ways it is really nice to mix your own paints; not feeling like you are tied to a formula or need to collect hundreds of paints. On the other, color matching for consistency is more challenging for sure. Also, until you "know" how to make a color, such as say a nice leather brown, you have to guess or fiddle. There is something to be said for the convenience of pre-mixed colors when you have something visually in front of you already.


I still have my favorites from various lines (Reaper: Linen White, Burgundy Wine, Clear Red; Vallejo: Dark Sea Blue, Blue-Green, Cavalry Brown; GW: XV-88, Bugman's Glow, Cadian Fleshtone) but it has been a fun learning experience to see how colors come together rather than just grabbing something off the shelf.

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12/1 - Base Experiments and Application


This week was about breaking out of the comfort zone and trying something new. Now, I am not very good at bases, and it is something I frequently shy away from. However, recently there was a video by Midwinter Minis on making industrial/sci-fi bases. This method yields a smaller vertical height as opposed to the GreenStuff + texture stamps. It just so happened I had some of the scrap pieces laying around, using a paper plate for the main decking material. Instead of using a drill or hobby blade, I opted for a nail punch, which IMHO yields a superior result in making the domed deck plating divots/rivets. Just make sure the inside of the punch is clean so as not to flatten it out too much (the inner "bolts" are a bit more flat because of that) After about 5-10 minutes, I had something like this:




I used metallics, Black and Vallejo Deep Sea Blue for the base tones, then added some Vallejo Orange Brown and some washes (black and brown) to add some oily/rusty/dirty appearance to the base.


Next came the nerve-wracking committal...dissecting my painted mini from the stock base. No looking back now...




...and after pinning, gluing, some touch-ups clear coating and we have this:



Now I didn't remove quite enough from the bottom of the boots, even though I sanded and shaved off quite a bit, and there is a bit of melty-ness towards the bottom. I am not entirely sure how to fix that, but since this is my first real "aftermarket" basing attempt, I am pretty happy with it.


Magnus was touched up a bit with some metallics for the ammo boxes, and then some leather tones for the pouches and front/back padding flaps. I added some light shading with  a Deep Sea Blue glaze to the leg section, and will probably add it carefully to other portions of the armor to give some more depth.




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