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Al Capwn

CMON Zombicide: Invader

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On 12/22/2019 at 12:47 PM, Al Capwn said:


Thanks, and glad I am able to help others along the way! It's a fun game and I know that it will be totally worth it to have a completed set painted up to play.

I painted my entire The Others set, and it is glorious to play with a fully painted game. One of these days, I'll get around to finishing up Rising Sun, rather than just painting the monsters. You're zombie aliens look amazing, and the heroes are turning out pretty cool. We will be monitoring your progress closely.

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Robots & General Progress - 1/2/2020


So I decided to get the 'bots all primed up and ready next...




I applied Contrast Snakebite Leather to the back pouches, Black Templar to the Feet, leg struts, cannon arm, as well as the top exhaust piping. I applied two coats of Space Wolves Gray to some of the arm and leg armor panels. I used an old pot of Balthazar Gold for the round connection joints - and I remembered why I haven't used it in a long time. You either need to apply a million thin layers or kinda heap it on. Not a fan. Anyways, I shaded it with Army Painter Mid Brown Wash. I have to say, I am impressed with the Army Painter washes. The silver was coated with Vallejo Model Air Steel, and shaded with Army Painter Strong Tone wash. The olive green color was simply a mix of ScaleColor Inktense Chestnut + Green. Adding in a little white to give some opacity to touch up the ammo belt feed ramp. The front armor panel by the "face" was Iyanden Yellow, which I will certainly need to tidy up a bit more to get the appearance I am looking for. There are still some areas that need work and tidying up, cleaning up some splotches here and there, but overall it is coming along nicely...




Observations: Snakebite Leather is solid. I mean, it is really ideal for pouches and leather packs over a zenithal prime. If there is a "utility" contrast paint that I feel performs as expected and is a true time saver, I think the Snakebite Leather is probably the one I would suggest. Belts, bags, pouches, holsters. I think it hits just the right spot for that work.


Finally, one last touch up of Mitsuki's face before calling it a day. It is starting to get a little chalky/texture, so I have to just let is go at this point. I blended up some flesh tones with the Kimera Kolors using White + Red + Yellow Oxide, adding a bit more of the yellow to the top of the forehead, which also makes seems to look correct since the brightest highlight on her helmet is also in that same spot. I mixed up some Red + Blue (Red Shade) to make a purple and glazed that down into the shadows some more for some added depth again. There is a bit of a tone mismatch between the arms and the face, but oh well, at this point I am going to have to live with it or introduce a bit more pink/red into the arms. I think I was mostly successful in removing that odd dark line underneath the eye and I am pretty happy with how it turned out. Again, I have to keep reminding myself that these are for a game and I shouldn't be too critical. Save the super effort for competition or display work.



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1/6/20 - More Robots...


So this was all about refining details, and a little experimentation. Added Vallejo Metal Color Alluminum for the silver bits and washed with Army Painter Dark Tone. The Dark Tone wash tends to shrink up a bit more than the GW stuff does, meaning I had to make two applications to get a solid coat since I was not very liberal with it. The Army Painter washes tend to behave a little bit like the Contrast paints in that they tend to shrink and recede. I added some edge highlights with Dawler Rowney FW White Ink, which I will say again is THE white to use. Vallejo, Army Painter, Reaper, Kimera - none of them have come close. It does tend to "sink" in to the paint, which makes it almost like a glaze. It is just the cat's pajamas. <endless praise about FW Ink over>


Kimera Red, which is the brightest Red I own - was done for the numbers. One day I aim to try Pro Acryl to compare.


The lenses were coated with Vallejo Metal Color Gold, then I applied GW's Soulstone technical paint over top. It is basically a clear Red gel, so Reaper Clear Red, a Red Ink, or Tamiya Clear would all work equally well I feel. For the chest armor piece, I put on my artist hat and basically mixed a bunch of paints together. A little Reaper, Vallejo, Contrast Iyanden Yellow and Kimera Yellow Oxide + White Ink all were tossed in there, glazing in purple/blue (go color theory) to shade. Really happy with how it turned out, so yay, science! I added a very light shade of black+purple around the cockpit-face area to add a bit more separation.


Applied a layer of black to tidy up the base. Still a few details here and there, some more shading to make some of the white a bit more interesting, but more or less on the home stretch for this one.





After that, it was on to the laser cannon thing...again with the asymmetrical shapes like the flag over rough surfaces...a little bit challenging. Not my best work, but acceptable for playing distance. While hard to see in the picture angle, I added some purple glazes down at the bottom and the top after this shot was taken, similar to Magnus' knee-flag to give a little depth. 


I also experimented a bit with some wet-blending on the mustard yellows. The darkest color being XV-88, working up to Vallejo Golden Yellow. Intermediate tones being Kimera Yellow Oxide and...another paint that escapes me at the moment, but in the same color family. I need to ease the transition on the bottom of the "L"s, but aside from that I was pretty happy with how it turned out. It isn't a competition-level smooth gradient, but time-to-effort ratio it sure was a lot quicker than the glazing I did on the robot's chest piece.


In the CMON pictures, there are lots of little warning labels and such for this piece. I think I have some spare random decals floating about that will add some more character as well, because there isn't much to a giant-energy-railgun-thing to make it super interesting; except maybe some OSL glow emitting from the end of the barrel...hmmm....







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February 15th - Abomination


So it has been a while, but fear not for this project carries on! Using mostly Contrast paints (Space Wolves Gray, Fleshtearers Red) and mixing it with Vallejo Flourescent Magenta and FW White ink, I started to work on the tentacles.


A lot of this was simply wetblending the contrast paints into themselves, going back and forth with multiple coats to build up interesting transitions of color.



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Feb 16th - Core Box Complete...for now.


Ok, so I cleaned up the base, added some more shading with some Space Wolves Gray into the shadowed areas, added some additional highlights to the white and red, dotted the eyes with white followed by a glaze of yellow ink, sealed with matte varnish and then applied a gloss varnish to the tentacles and pustule things...


For the laser turret, I had some spare random decals around that I got from a hobby store; some Tamiya decals that likely went to a jet or tank. I applied one to each side of the laser designator boxes.
...and at this point, I am going to call it done for now. The rest of the heroes were sealed up with matte varnish to protect them. Only a couple of them have additional base work done, and there is a bit more that could be done to the turret, but at the end of the day I have to call it done at some point. I can always come back and make little corrections later as I feel like it. I will post some nicer pictures in the Show Off thread once I have the chance. For now, I am just happy to be done with one box...
6 Heroes, 2 Machine Bots, 1x Abomination, 14x Hunters, 14x Tanks, and 35x Workers.
Core Box Total Count: 72 Miniatures.
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      CMON's FB page has preview pics and a video overview of the game. : https://www.facebook.com/coolminiornot/
      Yes, the KS is coming out right after the Zombicide 2nd edition KS, and in the middle of the holiday shopping season. The game's had delays in development (makes sense, with the most game changes I've seen in a Zombicide game) and, iirc, was meant for retail.
      And Barbara, evidently, must be the name of my wallet.
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      Live Link:
      Two week campaign
      Information is growing on Cmon page and BGG.  This rings all the right bells and is likely to mug me quite severely.
      From the Facebook announcement:
      "The ritual has started, and there’s no stopping it now. The only hope for the Investigators…and the rest of the world for that matter, is to disrupt it just enough so that when the Elder One arrives, it will be vulnerable for a split second. Just long enough to kill it!
      They’ll get their chance when Cthulhu: Death May Die comes to Kickstarter on July 10 at 3 PM EST. The new game from CMON and Guillotine Games combines the creative talents of Eric M. Lang and Rob Daviau. Stay tuned as we reveal more about the Investigators risking their lives and the unspeakable horrors they will face off against."
      Or as Mr. Lang says in interviews, the game where you "shoot Cthulhu in the face." 
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