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Fertility Idol

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Well done!

I like it and the offerings look great!


She's not released for retail yet.

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    • By BananeDC
      The big wyvern from Bones 4. Enjoy !




    • By Ducknuck84
      Finished up the Farmer NPC from Bones 4 today, and I have to say he is the most peasanty looking peasant that ever peasanted, I bet he didn't even vote for the king.
      really happy how he turned out and was a fun paint

    • By Lostraven
      The big box of unpainted Bones 4 minis stared at me intently. "Just paint," it said. Who was I to argue?

      I did these in an afternoon and kept the palette tight to red-orange/blue and green with bone/brown/chainmail accents. I wasn't striving for "perfection" but rather completion. It felt good to get something done.
    • By ShantyShakin
      Long-time lurker to The Forum. Finally taking the time to post some of the figures that I have painted. I've been so inspired by everyone who posts here for the past year or so that I thought it was time I contribute as well. By and large, mostly what I paint ends up on the table for my players. I have a home game that I DM once a month or so that the minis are for, and an online session that I DM weekly. 
      For my first post I thought I would post a recent project I finished which were the three bedeviled figures from the pile of minis I got from the Bones 4 kickstarter. The skin I layered up from a Vallejo black red to the Cuttlefish Scarlet Red for highlights. The horns and wings I layered up from a cuttlefish Black Knight black night to a Vallejo game color sombre grey, but the wings I ended up going back over with the Black Knight because I really hated the way my spray varnish made the brush strokes look on the final product. I really liked these three until that varnish kind of killed the work I had done, but that's what happens when you experiment. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. I did learn from the experience, so it wasn't all bad. The weapons and armor are a simple Vallejo gunmetal blue and Vallejo gold. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out and they were a fun addition to the gaming table. 
      NSFW links to female devil: https://i.imgur.com/pPMAHEn.jpg

    • By Tolex Cat
      For a recent D&D session, the DM said he needed skellies so I knocked these out in about 90 mins.





      I did go back after the session and fixed a little highlighting but all in all I was pretty happy with how they turned out for a quick paint up. Since bones absorb colors from the minerals around them, I wanted to go less bleached and more unhallowed, greasy, dirty look. So I stuck to the darker bone colors and used the sepia wash. I must have a thing for owlbears since I enjoy painting them and really loved the skeleton. 
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