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Dwarf Paladin on War Pony (Conversion)

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Had this one on the go for a while, but the painting is going slowly in between other things. Had a 25mm armoured horse I wanted to use, so figured it would make a great war pony for a dwarf. Compared to current 28mm heroics it was just too small for anything else. Lots to paint still, mostly blocking things out and getting an idea of colours.


Used a GW dwarf blitzer (from Blood Bowl) for the dwarf. I liked the helmet he is wearing with the half-mask, it made him a perfect for a follower of Gorm Gulthyn. I also put a magnet in his left arm and have a removable shield started with green stuff (not pictured). I wanted him to have a long weapon for use while mounted, so why not a giant meat tenderizer. Not enough lucerne hammers in D&D.


Buts & pieces:

Dwarf - GW BB blitzer

Horse - 25mm unknown

Keg, rope and saddle bag - GW bits

wrapped package on the right side - stolen from a 15mm samurai peasant

lucerne hammer - cut from some bones sprue leftovers with GW bits

And a bunch of green stuff for the sleeping bag, reins, stirrups, etc.








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