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NightVault Terrain and an Ogre Mage


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On 8/28/2019 at 9:23 AM, GreenBeams said:

Aw, man! You managed to keep so much contrast, vibrancy and still get nice, painterly transitions. Love your work!


The painterly quality results from painting fast!

These were all speed paints with the terrain taking a little over a week, and the ogre mage took 2 days.

When I take my time, the transitions are much smoother, and there's much less visible brush strokes. With these particular pieces, it was clever use of washes and directional brush work that makes the process fast and easy, and the end product look great. I managed to figure out a nice compromise in speed and quality.

I'm currently collecting process and results to share this on video in the future. I just need to add some air brushing components to the process, and how to fit them in, and I'll be able to share some speed painting that looks great and takes less time than it looks like!


Thanks for the comments so far folks!

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