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ReaperCon 2019 pictures!


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18 hours ago, Clearman said:


I just want to know if they were primed first.  :devil:



I decided that gummies weren't too far off from Bones plastic, so I went without primer.  Most of the painters followed my lead.

Cathy Wappel decided to prime hers, but the gummy reacted poorly to the primer, and gave the bear a sort of Nurglish effect.  Cathy embraced that a little, but then put a contrapuntal Hello Kitty over the face.

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11 hours ago, Kangaroorex said:

Odd point but if people want these i can bring a pile next year.  I went to get a lot of them :huh:

I don't think there is great demand.  There were about ten put out on a table, I took 4, and there were 2 left Sunday at noon. 



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5 minutes ago, Sirithiliel said:

BTW this is what i want to do to this dragon...sculpt a little spider on his base 


because looking at it from this angle makes me think of some poor woman leaping onto a chair after seeing a spider or mouse


why not use a small premade spider? or do you specifically want to sculpt one?


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