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ReaperCon 2019 pictures!

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15 minutes ago, Sirithiliel said:

oh i could do one of the little Bones rats




Squirrel familiar!! (#5 in the line up of course)




Have I mentioned I picked up roughly half a pound of those a couple years ago in the Boneyard.......:blink:


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1 minute ago, haldir said:


Squirrel familiar!! (#5 in the line up of course)




Have I mentioned I picked up roughly half a pound of those a couple years ago in the Boneyard.......:blink:



not sure about a squirrel, the cliche stereotype reaction of jumping in fear onto the nearest chair is usually towards a spider or mouse or roach or something xD

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17 minutes ago, Sirithiliel said:


not sure about a squirrel, the cliche stereotype reaction of jumping in fear onto the nearest chair is usually towards a spider or mouse or roach or something xD


As a squirrel nut err fan I was kidding on using it :lol: Besides, you just described my wife when it comes to the creatures. ::D:


If you want something tiny, Reaper's hedgehog familiar is probably the tiniest mini in their catalog:




As I was looking for that listing I did come across these with that first one being one that makes people run:




(sidenote: Spaced off Reaper does make a fox, besides the one that is with the Pathfinder witch iconic, hmmmm)

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I'll probably be bringing gummi bears again next year if I make the sojourn. But more of them, because I ran out super fast.


I took a bunch of pictures, some of which even came out, if I get rested up any this weekend I'll try to upload them. I'm still super tired.

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Loot Picture



This is everything that came home in my bag. It’s a standard four day pass bag plus  any other purchases, handouts, or prizes. 


Some of the extras are: micromark catalog, Owlbear(!), big bottle of Stynylrez, some steam/era faux gears, the $5 Skeleton, the melt table rescues, cat dragon, big D20, small D10s, blue liner, blackened steel, and 6 plastic Warhammer horses. 


eta: There is one thing missing, a Galladoria Games Treasure Chest/Mimic. 

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added some missing letters
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Here's my final picture dump. Hopefully they upload okay, the wifi in this hotel is wretched. 


@Heisler doing his awesome auctioneering thing! 



@ Pitying da fool (so much bling!)



Slightly drunken Jenga shenanigans. Ron kept conscripting proxies to play for him, rules were generally abandoned (but then found again), and it turns out Jessica Rich does Jenga competitively! :wow: 


I love Jen Greenwald in the background with her Sophie trophy casually in her lap lol











Serious strategy discussion! 





The infamous Gummy Bears. :lol:



Close-up of a neat card from a pretty game that @Corporea, @Wren and her husband, and I forget the other fellow were playing (don't remember the name just now). Inspiration! 



A lovely little sketch that Mengu Gungor did while I was watching another group of folks playing a board game. There's me on the far left, Kevin (Wren's husband), I can't remember the next guy, back of @Clever Crow (Michael Proctor)'s head, Gene Van Horne, Jason Wiebe (mostly hidden), and back of @dks (Derek Schubert)'s head. 



I think that's all! Not nearly enough pics taken in general (and I forgot to get a full pic of my artist station), but definitely some fun ones in there! 



--OneBoot :D 

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A bit late to the party, but my haul:


Flat stuff:


I got my art books signed by Izzy herself. The D&D d20 sticker will be for my SUV windows (I still confuse my vehicle with others). The Scale75 book will be a useful tool to figure out their metallic paints.


Swag and purchases:


Including the VIP contents; I got the dragon cat; resin wraith king; extra large oval bases (good for future contest entries); Bones Black owlbear; several Dungeon Dwellers I didn't get during their monthly promos; two stone giants (cheap for their size); the wooden d20; the non-golden sidekick (I got the kitty!); 3D printed mini holder (top left).


The one surprising disappointment was the S75 SoilWorks I got half-price from Hangar 18. It's not until today that I realized that the "mud effect" pot was improperly sealed and was a half dried gooey mess, and the fixative pot was completely empty. Though I bought it factory sealed, the package did seam to have spent much time under the sun as there was some peeling on the cardboard. The pigments pots themselves are all dry and full. No big loss, for the price I paid, but still a bit of a surprise.


Some more:


Green stuff; Anne's dark elf mammary rose; Galladoria chest mimic; and some extra tools. Special thanks to @Green Eyed Monster for recommending the pearl tweezers.


Not showed: Raphael 8404 size 1 brush from Hangar 18; ReaperCon pen; Pathfinder paint set #1; red Wibitiki rag.


Class material and Hobby Hijinx stuff:


Rhonda Bender's hair painting class; Corporea's skin tone class; sidekick Kitty! (I know some of you are jealous); hijinx paint by number gnoll; hijinx speed paint.


Bones Mashup simple creations:


The mini brain monster on legs is surprisingly effective.


Some more Bones Mashup:


A bit of silliness and a plausible monstrosity.


Final Bones Mashup:


A bit of Mashaaf, an arm of Khanjira, some extra tentacles, head of a hill giant head that should not have touched that cursed wand. It is now mutating into something... else.


"Say hello to my Ludo friend!"


I swear I only did it for the ribbon. :;):


And my award:


I'm still in a state of disbelief that I actually won it as a solid bronze (2-2-2 score). I never expected such a high score for my piece.

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3 hours ago, Cranky Dog said:

I'm still in a state of disbelief that I actually won it as a solid bronze (2-2-2 score). I never expected such a high score for my piece.

Congrats on your Bronze and on your haul.

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On 9/3/2019 at 10:44 AM, OneBoot said:




I don't remember whose desk they were on (or even if they were on the same desk), but I found the color schemes inspiring! I think the second may have been @Wren 's. 






Alas, I can take no credit for this fine figure. Unfortunately I am also not coming up with a solid lead for who else it might be.

Thanks for all the pictures everyone! This was one of my didn't really have time/brain to take many pictures years, so I enjoyed everyone else's. May see if I can upload the ones I did manage to take, though it's a bit late now I guess! (I got hit with the crud this year, only getting back into being able to do much in a day.)

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My own paltry haul of pictures from this year's Con. I usually don't post these since I mostly I just take pictures of stuff I found interesting; stuff tucked away in corners or examples of work that I want to remember or try to copy, so I question the interest in seeing them for anyone else. Highlights-- Having Talin sign her book for me was a thrill; I love the little sketch she did inside for me. I made my annual visit to the Tardis and loved Mocha's Eye's class. Ludo's hijinks were fabulous as always--I got a kick out of "paint a smiley face on your thumb".  I had a blast playing the Battle for Dreadmere game; in fact in terms of timeline, I just realized that I showed up in the background of a couple of photos posted above, which were taken just before I took my pictures of the game I played in my pictures. I wish I had taken closer shots of the Lichking's army and the faction parties; I'd like to paint up my own army and liked the scheme the factory painters used. Good year for ribbons; what started out a fun diversion got out of hand though. Other than that I am astonished with my Solid Bronze; Its been a hard year and painting hasn't been easy to get back around to with everything going on--it was good to get affirmation that my skills haven't slipped.



























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      We are very excited to be able to come back and participate at ReaperCon again this year!
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