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Baba Yaga's monitor footed base

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Having been cursed with wobble feet, Baba Yaga asked, no.. Begged me for a custom base!




But where will I find such a big base, I thought...


I dove in the metal scraps at work, and retrieved a nicely sized monitor foot / stand. And so, it begins...



Phase 1: cutting the extra's off: done

Phase 2: filling the center hole: done!

Phase 3: apply more wood filler and dry fit the legs: done!


Phase 4: sanding the base : done!



Now, time to dry and go on a holiday.

To be continued :) 

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Alot of spackle layers later, it looks like the hills are becoming what I'm looking for.


Adding a ladder to the front part as an extra support for tipping over, just in case. Just thinking how I can strengthen it, but I'll think of something :)


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Base layer applied on the base.

Next steps are drybrushing base, applying greenery, possibly some wooden shrooms I found in the house, then attaching the ladder and the hut before going forward. Eager to continue!


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Getting ready for the finishline! More paints on the hut, thinking only a wash needed to finish atm. Bottom part finished, ladder attached and feet glued down aswell. Green stuffed the parts where it didn't attach. Now to let it cure :) 


ps: first green stuff usage, yay!



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31 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

Looks good!


Thanks! :) on these photo's you really can't see the 7 types of Wood paint used on the hut, but when the washes go over it and the photo gets the proper light it should have, it will be seen better I think =)

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1 hour ago, Glitterwolf said:

Very cool! I like the addition of the mushrooms, it gives off a fairytale vibe.

The different kinds of wood and the windows look great!


Ty! I can't wait to give this thing a proper photoshoot :D


The mushrooms reminded me of the witch in the Zelda SNES game, figured it would make a nice addition.

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23 minutes ago, Venun said:

I'm contemplating an idea: would it add if i did some bird droppings on the roof? If so, how would you guys aproach this?


Take a look at pictures of real statues and buildings that have those and emulate that.

Some off whites with a touch of green.

Maybe put some birds on there as well to convey the message.

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