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Help with Ghost Archpeligo Scenario

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I'm hoping to be running a Ghost Archipelago game at small convention in Rockford and then hopefully at Gameholecon as well. I've never tried to do anything like this before and was hoping that some of the people on the boards here who have could offer some advice and critique my scenario so far.


The basic premise is the Heritors have to steal back a treasure from a dragon that stole it from the Dricheans.


My board will be a series of small islands  and a large beach for the dragon all connected by bridges so the players can either try and make it to the dragon by boat or by landing on an island and make their way across the bridges.

I was planning on it being 4 players plus me as the dragon I was also planning on it being 5th warbands using the rule in maze of Malacar for starting at higher level. Is that necessary or could this be done with level 0 warbands?


The dragon is using the "old dragon" stats from Spellcaster 2 with spells replaced by Heritor abilities and warden spells


Old Dragon

M    F    S   A     W   H     Notes

7 +8 +0 15 +10 30      Large, Flying (ignore terrain for the purposes of movement),

                                    Powerful (treat as using two-handed weapon), Magic Attacks,

                                    Immune to Poison, Elemental Damage Resistance +3, Breathe

                                    Fire or Spit Poison, Horrific, Immune to Critical Hits, Immune to

                                    Mind Control, Self-Preservation, Weakness: Bloodburn


Abilities: fling (8), Backswing (10), Catch missle(12), Spellshield (10), Hurl (10), Disarm(8),

Spells: Earth Blood (12), Wind blast (8), bark (8), wrath of waves (10), Beast strength (8)


The dragon will start out sleeping with a chance for him to wake up each round whe awake he activates on the Heritor phase

There will also be a Snakeman priestess who acts on the Warden phase and uses the snakeman blood magic


I would like to come up with a priority list for them, but it's not urgent since I plan on running the game as the bad guys


There will be bonuses for killing the dragon but the main goal is to get the Central treasure (Plus any other loot you can)


Any advice would be appreciated.


I also have a write up as to why he's in the Archipelago and why he has heritor powers if anyone wants that.

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