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Invisible humans and Ghosts


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Thief : Blue Ink base + black ink to show details  (least happy) 

Cleric : angelic ghost or spiritual weapon spell.  Yellow ink + TMM 

Ranger: painted by minispawn.  ill take it. Makes a great ghost 

Wizard: nulin Oil + higlights of green ink  (fav) 

Fighter: I only painted the base. (represents an invisible PC pretty well.) 


I should talk to @Doug Sundseth about this again, since he is teaching a class on it, probably today.  Not sure im happy with the set. 



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7 hours ago, golldan said:

Did you lay down a base at all? In a few posts on the translucent bones, there were some comments on putting down a base varnish (matte or glossy) and then applying the inks or washes. Found one of them below.




No I forgot that step.  Just soap and water.  I mixed some brush on sealer as a thinner, to avoid the hydrophobia found in many bones. 


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