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Last Grind For Level 42!(September Hobby Goals!)

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I want to get back into painting, buy the new display cabinets, and organize the mini collection. I also need to clean up all the boxes currently stacked all over the living room, a side effect of repurposing the furniture that was holding all the various miniature supplies and gaming items.

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paint admech army, just gonna keep putting it here until I finally do it.

paint bones substitutes for a freeblades team. the first of them was actually done last month, but I have a bunch of archers and fish mongers to paint.

paint rogue traders

paint the cat people

more zombicide invader

some other thing that I'll get distracted and do instead of the things I have planned

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Got a few that come to mind for this month...

  • More work on Wyrmgear.  Kinda really miss working on this guy.
  • Continued work on Ritterlich CAVs.  I want everything I have trimmed, assembled, base goop'd, and at least primered.  Would be great if i could get, I dunno, two paws worth of CAVs fully painted too.
  • Clean up, tidy, and organize painting area.  It's a clutter-fest again
  • Try to paint (or something hobby-related) at least a little bit every day!
  • If they come in at a reasonable time, have a game or three with hubby to see if he enjoys BattleTech or not.  Then prime the minis that are in that box!
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9 hours ago, WhiteWulfe said:


  • Clean up, tidy, and organize painting area.  It's a clutter-fest again.


Entropy is a relentless foe. :wacko: My desk is in much the same condition...


August was interesting.  My plan was to work on the French Revolution, but a couple of games of 40mm imagi-nations, and I fell down that rabbit hole.  I ended up with the French Revolution figures buried somewhere on the desk, and figures from three other projects painted.


So, goals:


Do *something* French Revolution related

As long as I have been working on 1/72 plastic anyway, finish 4 spearmen needed to base up the last units for one of my campaign armies

Work on some vintage Middle Earth stuff for next year’s possible group project with my brother


And we’ll see, urban fantasy and the 40mm imagi-nations are on the desk too...


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Make some Ghost Archipelago terrain.

Get some crews speed painted for ghost archipleigo

Piant a dragon

Clean my desk and maybe finish off a few things on it before I start yet another project

Also get pictures of what I have gotten done, because I've actually been painting a decent amount lately. Not nearly enough to start clearing off the shelf but enough that the shelf shouldn't grow too bad yet.

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Much the same as last month, but more!


-- photograph completed figures

-- put said figures into storage boxes

-- complete partially painted figures

-- prep and prime new figures

-- rinse and repeat

-- sort and log Reapercon acquisitions

-- put said figures into storage boxes

-- get broccoli together for the paint and take this month

-- refill BoGW with the redacted I got at the con


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Keeping with my 2019 goals, in September I plan to:

  1. Paint a Zombicide mini for my sister
  2. Paint the taunting guy for RoSD
  3. Paint this month's Mithril miniature


My long term goals for 2019:

  Paint all the figures in the annual box ( I am down to 6)

  Continue my current Rangers of Shadow Deep campaign and perhaps work on two mini campaigns

  Paint three entries for miniature painting competitions this year. It has increased to five. (4 down and that is as far as I got)

  Run a Call of Cthulhu game for my roleplaying group

  Paint character minis for all the players in my D&D group. (on track with five)

  Paint a Mithril miniature each month (on track with eight)



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Running a little behind on goals, but I'm back from Montana and ready to paint!


Start on the Red Dragon of Krynn project.  Maybe do a WIP for it?

Sort through minis I need to part with, setting aside ones my grandsons will like

Finish at least 3 minis on my paint table


I think that will do for now.


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