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New Skin bust


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I've done a few but I don't tend to do WIPs mostly because I'm terrible at remembering to document my work. But since this is my first bust and going to be a slower process than most of my projects I figured I'd give it a go. I got my hands on Ouroboros miniatures New Skin bust a bit ago. Fell in love with this sculpt the first time I saw it, and I only hope I can do it justice. 



My work on the bust has been slow going so far. I've gone about clipping off the gates and cleaning up the rough patches and seam lines. And attached the arms, I'm keeping the head loose as a sub assembly at the moment. 


I've pinned the arms and the skin flaps to the hands as well for added strength as the connection point is very small and I fear them breaking. Then I did a bit of green stuff work to fill in the minor gaps around the arms and smooth the seam where the skin flaps meat the fingers. At this point I'm sick of sanding and looking forward to the next step. Now I've got to give her a bath to ensure any mold release is gone after that I'll get her fixed to a cork and on to priming. 

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