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Burrows & Badgers: Great and Small


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EDIT: It's live! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/oathsworn/oathsworn-burrows-and-badgers-anthro-miniatures-mouse-dog-cat



We love miniatures. We love tabletop games. We love anthropomorphic animals, from Disney's Robin Hood through The Wind in the Willows to Brian Jaques' Redwall books. So we combined the things we love in our Burrows & Badgers tabletop skirmish game and the accompanying range of miniatures. And our Kickstarter backers have already helped us to grow the range to over 100 miniatures - but now it's time to add some more!


Some miniatures from previous projects...


Why are we making more miniatures?

Because we want more characters for our Burrows & Badgers games – my Freebeast warband needs reinforcements, for a start! 

And we know a lot of other people are looking for more anthropomorphic animal miniatures too. A lot of people are playing Burrows & Badgers now, and many of them have asked for Massive Hounds and a Massive Raptor, so we've sculpted them! Some will want to use them for other tabletop or roleplaying games, while others love painting miniatures, and our figures are perfect for that, full of character ready to be brought to life with your paintbrush....

And some people just love collecting miniatures; again, we've made this new set of Burrows & Badgers figures perfect for collectors. They are all single piece models, with integral bases, so there are no fiddly parts to be glued on.

We love making miniatures; we hope you'll love our miniatures too.


Why we need your help...

We've got 17 new miniatures sculpted, but they need to have moulds made before we can start producing the miniatures. And that's why we need funding; to get the production moulds made, and get the casting process started.


About the miniatures...

There are other ranges of anthropomorphic animal miniatures out there, but ours are a little different. We didn't want all the races of animals to be the same size. Instead, we've scaled them to each other; so a shrew or a mouse is a very small model, about 20mm tall, and a really big animal like a badger will stand about 50mm tall, for example.

Each sculpted figure shown below has a scale picture with it, showing its height in millimetres. All our models are supplied unpainted.



The Pledges

We’re keeping it as simple as possible; there’s an ‘All-in’ pledge, which gets you all the new miniatures in this Kickstarter, and any bonus bits that may come along… there’s also a ‘Pick’n’Mix’ Pledge, if you just want to get a few of the new miniatures. For the Pick'n'Mix, just total up the prices of all the miniatures you want, and pledge for that amount. There's a minimum pledge of £10. There's only six of the sculpts shown so far, but expect more to be added regularly... I'll probably add two or three a day!



^Minimum of £10


Pledge Level: The Great £40



Pledge Level: The Small £64


Pledge Level: All In £99



Original post:



Looks like another Burrows & Badgers is on the way...




Finally, I'll be able to get in when it's running, instead of a few months later!



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To whoever added the tags, thanks!  I couldn't figure out what to put for one that hadn't launched yet ^_^;;;


25 minutes ago, Cicciopiu said:

eh eheh ehhh :bday: Desert of the dead, Bones 5, and now Badgers... bye bye year wages :zombie:

Pretty much, although for me it's BattleTech that's my main one, alongside Infinity, and, uhm... Yeah.  This one for sure.  Somewhere in all there will be shipping for CAV too...

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B&B is an insta-back for me, and there aren’t many of those (Reaper is probably the only other). These sculpts make painting easy (or as easy as it can be), and the folks running the company are lovely (and extremely punctual). 


Definitely have a soft spot for that toad. 

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You need to read a series of books; 'All Creatures Great and Small' by James Herriot.

(He was a veterinarian by the name of James Alfred Wight, and the books are based on his experiences in the English countryside. Back then is was 'not cpractice' for medical professionals to 'advertise' their services, and since the books could be construed that way, he used a pen name.  )


I have both the books and the complete set of DVDs in a shelf in my livingroom. 

(Most of my DVDs are stored in the attic... not these.) 


The James Herriot museum is on my list of places to visit if i go to England on vacation. 



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We'll be launching this one in a week's time, so I thought it was OK to start talking about it here...
I'll start adding pics over the next few days. There'll be 17 new minis in total (plus one or two extras! ;) )



Here's a couple of the new sculpts (one you've already seen above, but I didn't post it, so I reckon that doesn't count :poke:).




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I love oathsworn stuff... But I want to see another "sensible shoes" project...I have very little use for anthro minis.


Still, that toad is pretty incredible. And is that a Raven in a waistcoat? Might fail this will save yet.

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