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Reapercon 2020: early excitement and chatter


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3 minutes ago, Dicey said:


If you were being charged rates like that, you wouldn't have been in the Reaper room block. The block rates are locked in as long as there's still room. I booked in June (lucky timing on my part as they had just added a few more rooms to the block) and still got the $123 price for being in the block. But, before they added those new rooms, the block was previously sold out in March.



I tried to book using the link from the RC site but there weren’t any rooms available at that rate when I tried.


I wasn’t on the forum then so I didn’t know that more discounted rooms were added that month.  I’m not sure if I booked before or after the added rooms were gone already.


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rooms are already sold out?


whelp...guess we're driving this year. half hour there, half hour back, each day


just means i won't be around as much since i'll have to plan travel time and i hate driving at night so i'll need to leave before dinner each day

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They said on the ReaperCon facebook page 20ish minutes ago that they were working on getting more rooms opened up for booking. So, I think they're aware. 


@Sirithiliel - I'd just book it. It's so so easy to just drag yourself upstairs when you're "done" or to store things between classes. I loved having a room last year (even though our commute would have been 1.5 hours not 30 minutes). You can cancel if you don't go with no penalties up until the end of August, so I don't really see the downside to booking early. It feels weird to plan for something 8 months away, but if you're on the fence, I'd just do it (assuming more rooms are made available). Edited to add: We actually met in Bob and Julie's sculpting class last year too.

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