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Reapercon 2020: early excitement and chatter

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ah this one is so much better, yes?

Even though ReaperCon wasn't live this year, I still couldn't pass up the chance to dress as Pirate Sophie for a couple of my classes!       A huge thank-you to everyone that

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1 hour ago, Shadowphaze said:

Do we know what the two resin miniatures look like?   "Treasure of blood reef" and "Dead men tell no tales"?


Nope.  They seem to be teasing out information a bit at a time. I went back through several videos to get what I got.


On 6/20/2020 at 10:37 AM, pcktlnt said:

Quoting you so I have something to go back to. I spent half an hour trying to recall and search the forums for this post of yours since I glimpsed it last night while sleepy.


Seriously, reaper needs to get the information out there more than through livestreams or through avid fans posting their information on a forum. Seems like it should be their job, not the fans. Writing this portion cause I'm frustrated and annoyed trying to find tidbit information for reaper events. Is this posted anywhere else? 


I'm with you there.  I have not seen it on the official Reaper Facebook page. I'm not on Discord or other social media sites that some of the employees seem to enjoy.  I catch the occasional video stream, but I wish they'd just get to the point and stop the waffling around.  There's supposed to be a newsletter, but clearly no one is "on" that.  Right now the best source seems to be the garbage stream on Twitch. 



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Yes, they showed WIPs on the live shows, but they are still tweaking them


Dead Men tell no tales (still WIP)




Treasure of blood reef is the pirate trying to get the chest with the kraken/octopus coming out of the water trying to stop him

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1 hour ago, SamuraiJack said:


Treasure of blood reef is the pirate trying to get the cheat with the kraken/octopus coming out of the water trying to stop him


Sounds similar to a Master Series mini they use to carry.

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swag bag details and preorder for USA / Canada listed on facebook




Facebook post:

Guess what ReaperLand, the Swag boxes for ReaperCon Online 2020 are now up for PRE-ORDER. Only in USA and Canada, we're ironing out shipping bugs and expect the rest of the world by next week. Expected to ship in AUGUST of 2020

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28 minutes ago, Dilvish the Deliverer said:

FYE: Reapercon Online has been extended to the 7th. 


That makes sense -- when I signed up to volunteer again, Monday was an option. I didn't even think about it, I just clicked all the boxes. :lol:

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