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Reapercon Report


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1 hour ago, buglips*the*goblin said:


River Windows got close.  There were more factions to fend off this year, our name got sabotaged, and Duskwardens had the "pet bonus" with their mini (this bonus helped Windows secure our debut win, too).  


Still best faction, and we did good.  Windows 4 Lyfe, join us or let the rain come into your house!

Some of us picked the Windows BECAUSE of the sabotaged name... :lol:

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1 hour ago, Doug Sundseth said:

Well I didn't back Duskwardens because of the pet bonus. I've been loyal to the eventual victors since Dreadmere started.


So there!




Yes, yes, I'm well acquainted with your treacherous allegiances.   No windows for you!   Enjoy winter, fool!  May it be as cold as your treasonous heart!


No, I'm not crying.  There's something in my eye.  Something called BETRAYAL.  

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3 minutes ago, Sirithiliel said:

My first year at RCon, I was C'thon. Then I was Widows - Widows - Widows for the next three years, this year I was C'thon again


sad to think Cthon might get wiped since they lost, they always had such fun minis associated with their faction


Wasn't 2017 the debut of Widows?


edit:  And everyone is now equally wiped, or unwiped, since Dreadmere theme is over.

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1 minute ago, Sirithiliel said:

maybe i was c'thon two years then, and then widows two years, and then cthon again


i know i've only ever been those two


2017 was my first Rcon and had the Widows logo on the badge so I thought that meant they were the new hotness.  I might be wrong.


I didn't pick them, I bought the basic swag ticket on site and it had the Widows faction mini so when I went to get the ribbon I said I guess I'm them.   Then we won, and I liked winning so I wanted to keep winning.  

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I went with DW the first few years, did RW once... don't remember last year. Chose Bonehenge this year because they had the best looking mini. :)   Bought an extra VIP bag just so I'd have 2 sets of the figures, and now I have 3 of the druid priestess and can make them a coven.


I am looking forward to seeing what they come up with for next year's special figures. 


I regret not telling Bob and Julie how happy I am with the cat dragon mini, and that I expected more in the upcoming KS.  There was just so little time.  Reapercon: where four days feels like four hours. 





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A couple of things. I have no objection to using a couple of spotters in the audience. While the auction staff does a pretty good job of keeping me in line I don’t really consider them spotters in the same way. They have to be wearing some pretty bright shirts though. From the stage all I can see is a huge mass of humanity. You can stand up and wave but and its still hard to make out individuals, especially in the back. The background is usually a whole bunch of people standing up around the perimeter which still makes it hard to see, that and black being the most prevalent color in the room. Except for the one guy wearing green, with a green hat that was standing directly in front of the green Dreadmere poster. He was really hard to see.

We will play with the auction some more and see what we can do. I don’t think that I can push the time any later because of the necessity of tearing things down.


On another note,  the official opening time for the vendor hall was 9:00 am, the vendors didn’t not just decide that. My wife and I ate breakfast in the vendor hall every morning at 8 to keep an eye on things.


On manufacturer awards, I have some stray thoughts on what can be done differently. The dynamics of the painting competitions has changed and some companies want to have a larger presence at the show. I’ll, very likely, be keeping that number about where it is though. There may be a separation between companies that have large line ups and want to go in big, making Reaper Con their primary awards show and those that are smaller. Lots to talk about with the manufacturers and I will be involving them in the discussion.  With Adepticon becoming a Golden Demon competition and I expect Crystal Brush to end up at the CMoN Expo (assuming it comes back at all) they have become very narrow in their focus.

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6 hours ago, pcktlnt said:

Feel the pane.


Home run.  Touchdown.  Gooooooaaaaaallll!!!





6 hours ago, Doug Sundseth said:

... I've been loyal to the eventual victors since Dreadmere started. ,.,,


Not me.  I go whichever way the wind blows.  Because I've been preparing for the pirates theme.

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