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Super heroes Reborn


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How fast do you think we are going? Is this Avenue we're on a highway? I could theoreticly do surface readings within (I think) something like 140 feet. I could see if anyone in any cars around us are going to an airport, and then compare the picture in my head to the picture in theirs.


I figured I'ld put this here before I post since it might not be possible/plausible.

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The speed limit is 25mph- it's a small business lined street with neighborhoods just behind the street-facing businesses.


Yep, you can search the Surface Thoughts of other cars' drivers going in the same direction, but you don't have enough time to search the brains of people going in the opposite direction except at stop lights. (You certainly have the range for that!)



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I'm ready to post again, but if everyone could confirm (OOC in this thread is fine, but IC is fine too) that it's okay to go with the splitting-up plan?


Unless I hear otherwise, sometime this weekend I'll post with Hammer approaching Noisily from the Hangar/runway side while the other two go in more stealthfully from the front...

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I thought I asked StormHammer to send you all a note, but it got confused and he just sent one to one game instead of all of them.


I broke an arm in January and just got the cast off today. I've been unable to type and the few entries I've made on other games were when I talked someone into typing for me.


Honest, I didn't know you were in the dark 'cuz I wasn't reading the threads!!!


What a sukky situation for y'all, not knowing. Sorry a thousand times for that.


There was just no way that I could type with my arm all done up. Even sittin at the desk required turning in an awkward way which was killin my neck.


Got the cast off today. Goin to the chiropractor about my nect. But I should be able to game starting right away.


I need to have a day to catch up on what we were doing, but I should post tomorrow night (TUES, Feb 22nd).


Knowing that y'all are probably checking this less often 'cuz of the long delay, I won't give more than the next post til I hear from Everyone.


Once we're all back up to speed, we'll try to accelerate the postings to the end of the adventure...


see ya heroes soon.


Now I gotta go check out the other threads.


I understand my characters haven't been much use in a fight lately! :lol:



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