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Safe arrivals!


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15 minutes ago, aturriff said:
23 minutes ago, Zanderina said:

Sounds like something @Echoside_ needs to look into next year.  He handles flight,  I handle hotel.  


Good info though and thank you!


Though I feel like I should ask whether you wish to financially support TSA operations with your pre-check fee. Sitting on my hands now to avoid this being moved to Beekeepers...

I bet those fees would make hardly a dent. 


The TSA annual operating budget is somewhere in the neighborhood of:



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Arrived home safe 4 hours ago (30 mins early even!) and only had time for a shower before I was whisked away to a group picnic. Which was enjoyable, but didn't give me any time to recover from the journey home. 


Now actually home safe and trying to decide between dinner, unpacking or sleep first lol. 


1 hour ago, Pegazus said:

Briefly caught Con Crud after Clayton but managed to kill it off by Colorado Springs. Seriously! Nose got all stuffed up and had a fever. Every plate was dead, so I doubt it was allergies. 


I've been having the same thing for the past three days! Occasionally I'll get stuffy for about an hour and my nose will drip a bit and I'll feel like wearing a sweatshirt and then I'll be okay again. Not allergies here either, been taking allergy pills regularly the past two weeks just to be safe. 


Could be a particularly weak strain of cold, perhaps. I've been bolstering my immune system all week with lots of water, multivitamins, and as much sleep as I could manage lol. 



--OneBoot :D 

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Oh! Miraculous “safe travel” and tip for other travelers! I was given a nearly empty corked bottle of adult beverage since I was driving while the previous owner was flying. Except the air pressure between Dallas and Denver was enough to pop the cork out while the bottle was on its side in my suitcase.


Luckily, everything was safe! The bottle had deep enough sides that none of it spilled out into the suitcase. So lesson learned: secure the cork!

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4 hours ago, aturriff said:

Though I feel like I should ask whether you wish to financially support TSA operations with your pre-check fee. Sitting on my hands now to avoid this being moved to Beekeepers...


We got NEXUS passes for the fast lane when crossing into Canada by car.  Wish we'd gotten them earlier, waiting at the border with a car full of kids is not fun.  TSA pre-check was a bonus.  That said, a good friend refuses to give up his biometrics, so your calculations may yield a different result.  

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6 hours ago, Dilvish the Deliverer said:

The dragon wakes from his fitful slumber!


He roars "RRRUUUMMM!!!


*piteous whining from liver*


Perhaps some food?


Nap was good.  Food, laundry and shower are next.  Then maybe back to bed.



Thank you sir for providing the bottled sea monster:  It was fabulous!  I may travel by car next year and I can hopefully add to the libations


Good to hear you made it home safe.  Sleep well


5 hours ago, Zanderina said:

Made it home. @Echoside_ and I are seriously thinking of driving next year as TSA caused 2 paint spills and didnt return a bottle of paint they took and tested. [email protected]#%@ 

Several boxes of stuff were nicely packed and set so they wouldn't get damaged. They are SMASHED now. Ugh! And going through second checked bag, they broke the zipper... 


Otherwise wasnt too bad a day travel wise. 


Safe travels everyone still en route! 




TSA wasn't too much of a bother.  One wanted a look at my entries and we got the usual 'what's in here, lead?' Moment but other than that the trip was quiet.


Another thing not to carry in a bag is cannoli.  Apparently they look like the textbook picture for a short stick of explosive! 


4 hours ago, Paradoxical Mouse said:

Got home earlier today. It's nice to be back with my little buddy.




I know that look. That's  the 'you will pay' look.  Not now not tomorrow but it will happen::P:


40 minutes ago, GHarris said:

Well we were going to drive back to Chicagoland...but we seem to have accidentally ended up in New Orleans...!

I've been lost before but that's exceptional!  I hope the side trip was a good experience 

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