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So my return trip hit some snags.


Though my first leg flying from DFW to Toronto went well, and so did the second to Montreal, it's only at something like 4pm that I discovered that my final flight got cancelled.


They claimed "mechanical issues", but I've heard other people say that it's code for "not enough people to make it worth it". So I got rebooked to Tuesday morning. There was a flight at ~9pm, but it was already packed, and I wasn't eager to have a 2h drive afterwards.


Anyway, I got a hotel voucher (but still had to wait over 30 minutes for the shuttle to arrive), and some food vouchers for the hotel restaurant. The next problem was that $15 bucks in nice restaurants barely get you an entrée. Good thing happy hour was about at the same time. Besides, I was more tired than hungry. So I ate an entrée and headed back to my room for a hot bath and shower.


Went to bed early, got up early (4am), grabbed a coffee, then shuttle, luggage dropoff, security, wait for flight, landed, quick groceries, drove home and arrived roughly at lunchtime.


I was tired (all my joints were sore), hungry, and somehow got a painful bruise on one of my shins. On the plus side, I was able to go to the post office and pick up some Amazon orders.


Spent the rest of the day preparing my lunches for the next few days, and had to reschedule an appointment that was on Wednesday.


My biggest lesson here is from now on, I *will* take an extra day of vacation just in case this sort of mishap happens again (not as much a problem during the weekend).


Also, I was visibly tired all day at work (staying up all of Sunday night did not help). Already made worse that I missed a whole day, it meant some extra workload to catch up on.


P.S. NO REGRETS! Can't wait for ReaperCon 2020! (OK, so maybe I can wait a little).

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6 hours ago, Pegazus said:


@Green Eyed Monster will be relieved to know he wasn't the last one home.


Officially home, as of around 2:30 PDT.

Got mobbed by .. most of the cats, unsurprisingly. Topaz is a shoulder cat, and he doesn't care if you happen to be carrying stuff when he does it. He was really, REALLY glad to see us.

Mystery and Rajah apparently aren't speaking to me. Ms. Cat was happy to see us, at least. ^^;


It is really good to be home.. . even though there's a whole bunch of crap we have to deal with. Of course. :rolleyes:

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11 hours ago, Pegazus said:


@Green Eyed Monster will be relieved to know he wasn't the last one home.

Actually, we weren't planning to actually be home for another week.

Should have been in Colorado most of the last week with a train ride through the Royal Gorge already booked for yesterday before we left home for ReaperCon.

But plans got changed.::(:

Details have been related elsewhere.

Glad to be home but not looking forward to the process of rebuilding the wife's wallet.


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