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77023: Barnabas, Human Warrior: Another timed painting exercise

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My friend and I have been discussing the GW contrast paints.  He's getting decent results in less than an hour.  So I figured I'd try timing a paint job from "primer" to finish again.


After basecoating, I'm at about 2.5 hours on this one.  The undercoat for the metallics and basecoating everything else took about 1.5 hours of that.


77023: Barnabas, Human Warrior is an old Bones mini and some of the detail suffers accordingly.  His sword is a little noodly too.  I'm not too interested in fixing either of these in a timed paint.


So, here's where we are:


(click on the pictures for larger versions)


The paints used thus far are: (all Reaper paints unless specified otherwise)

  • Flesh: Barbarian Flesh
  • Armor, shield, and sword hilt: Tarnished Steel painted over Stone Grey
  • Sword blade: Honed Steel painted over Stone Grey
  • Most leather parts: Ruddy Leather
  • Belts, straps, and accents on scabbard: Tanned Leather
  • Cloth: Monarch Purple
  • Gold accent on shield: Cursed Gold painted over Ruddy Leather
  • Purple symbol on shield: Sparkling Purple
  • Buckles: Aged Pewter
  • Base: Dungeon Grey


The basing is green stuff used with a Happy Seppuku base stamp.  I don't remember which one now.


I'm not sold on the purple symbol on the shield.  Would it look better using a bright silver or white (e.g. Pearl White)?


Lining will help the shield immensely.  I'll probably do that as the last step.  The next step is washes.

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