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Dumb & Dumber - Rat Ogre (Bones 4 Conversion)


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I would find the urge to roleplay this fella as both Pinky and The Brain irresistible. 

"Wotta ya wanna do tonight, Bane?

The same thing we do EVERY night, Stinky! Try...and SUBJUGATE THE SURFACE WORLD!" 

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Thanks for the positive feedback everyone!


1 hour ago, Disciple of Sakura said:

I love that the magnetic hand options and arm have bloody stumps, so that you can also have the guy have his hand cut off if needed. Very cool detail and excellent conversion. How'd you wind up with an extra head?

The bloody stumps were a last minute decision. When my party meets the rogre eventually I will at some point have a hand get cut off to surprise them.


The extra head is from a GW rogre. I got a bag of bits* in a sale and it was one of the parts. The GW size matched perfectly. You can see the build here.



*I love bits bags. I enjoy trying to make each mini a bit unique, even if just something with the basing. I wish Reaper and other companies sold more bits and pieces. I'd even take defects. Donations also accepted. :poke:

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