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Dust Tactics: Axis Zombies

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Between moving and starting a new job this spring, there has not been a lot of time for painting.  Plus there was the time taken to inventory Bones IV.  I want to try and establish a more regular painting routine, and I thought I would start with some figures that I could do quickly.  Several years ago, I purchased some Axis Zombies for the Dust Tactics game.  I had no interest in playing the game, but I liked several figures from the range.  Last night I did some quick mold line removal (not too worried if I missed some) and gave them a quick coat of primer. I am hoping to get started on them this evening.  






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These look absolutely crazy cool. What a great purchase! Dying to see the finished completed works! That was probably funnier in my head before I typed it. Also love the cup on the right in the top picture.

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On 9/6/2019 at 7:38 PM, Nos4ah2 said:

These look absolutely crazy cool. What a great purchase! Dying to see the finished completed works! That was probably funnier in my head before I typed it. Also love the cup on the right in the top picture.

I do like the look of these figures as well and am excited to make some progress on them.  I got the cup in a Reapercon Swag Bag.


I have got some work done on these figures, but I failed to update this WIP.  I did document the process, so here is what I have done so far.  I started with dry brushing Charred Brown on the metal gauntlets.



This was flowed by stippling some Rusty Red on them.  



I then used a piece of packing foam to apply some orange and followed by some yellow.  I can't recall the exact colors used. 



Next, I stippled on some cold iron.   I made sure that I did not cover all of the rust texture that I had created. 



I followed this with a wash of Steel Wash and Brown Ink.  




Once that dried, I applied a highlight of cold iron and Honed Steel.




I felt pretty good with their rusty gauntlets.  So I began base coating the rest of the figures.  I used Moldy Skin for the flesh.  Ruddy Leather for the shoes and a Blueish Grey Color from the CAV line for the jumpsuits.  



I am happy that I am finding some time to get back to painting and am pleased with the progress.  I will say that I did notice my brush control was a little rusty when I was doing the highlights.  Hopefully, that will improve with practice.   

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I found some time last night to do a little bit of painting.  I started by giving the boots a quick drybrush of oiled Leather. 



For the next step, I applied a drybrush of Saffron Sunset.  The goal was to add some texture so that after a wash, it would look like worn leather.  For that reason, I was ok with being a bit sloppy.



Next came a wash using Secret Weapon Miniatures Baby Poop.  I used it on the boots and the skin.  It is a greenish-brown wash that works great for things that you want to look a bit disgusting.  



Before I called it a night, I gave their jumpsuits a wash that was mostly Secret Weapon Miniatures Soft Body Black with a couple of drops of blue from a sample bottle I got from Reaper.  



As you can see, the wash was still wet when I took the photos.  I will add a photo of them dry once I get home from work.  Since I had some wash leftover, I also applied some of both washes to the metal plating on the bases.  I like the look of them.  

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I wanted to do some more work on these figures but my weekend was taken up by an out-of-town wedding, and I started this week with a tumble down some stairs that left my wrists too sore to do any painting.  The fall happened while I was on my downstairs to do some painting.  I guess that I was too excited to paint that my feet thought that I could skip the last stair. :wacko: I have recovered and was able to return to this project.  Here are a couple of photos of the zombies after the washes finished drying.



I did a little bit of highlighting with the original Moldy Skin color.  Overall I felt that wash turned out well and that I did not need to overdue the highlight.  I felt that my first figure was overly highlighted and went back in with the wash to darken it back down.  



I followed this with some dragon black that I had thinned down into a wash.  I used this color on the eyes and around the teeth. 




I then used Spectral White on the eyes and the teeth.  I am pretty happy with how the eyes turned out.  




I then used a dark red (which I can't remember the name of) for the inside of the mouths and around the gums.  It is not really noticeable, but I feel like it added a nice touch.  I did have to go back in with some of the spectral white to touch-up the teeth.  




I am down to highlighting the jumpsuit, a bit of work on the bases, and some odds and ends.  Overall these have been fun to work on, and I am excited that they are nearly complete.  I hope I can keep the momentum up and continue to complete some other projects.  


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