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Siri Starts Digital Sculpting

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Well, more accurately, I start trying to digitally sculpt Minis.

See, i've actually sculpted in Zbrush before. I used to do skins for a PC game about sharks vs divers, and i've done some custom models that are actually in the game now. So I have the basics down, it's just trying to adapt that to actual miniatures, posing rather than T-pose, and making them right for printing


I'll basically use this thread as my practice WIP for the various things i try to sculpt as i learn all this. If you have tips for digital sculpting i'd be delighted to hear them as well


for now, here are the models I made for the PC game







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42 minutes ago, Cranky Dog said:

Wow, I never realized you were already into Z-Brush!


What strikes me the most is how weird the orca looks without it's teeth and coloration. (OK, it shouldn't, we all know painted minis looks better than unpainted ones, even digital ones)


Orca have surprisingly tiny heads. I learned that while sculpting it. Had to keep shrinking the head

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digital technology advances rapidly every day. I wrote an essay in college using a useful resource with great examples digital technology essays and was amazed how our lives gradually become completely digital and everything can be drawn and printed on a 3D printer. Digital technology is now our reality and it is very diverse and interesting. I wish you success with your digital sculptures, a little more practice and you will be an excellent expert in this matter.

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