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Bombshell Medieval Maelee

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Not sure what her proper title is, considering there are something like 6 different maelee minis. I will be painting her up as Ashriel 'Ashes', one of my favorite personal characters. She's been cleaned up now. Going to try to paint her up to the best of my ability.


Critic and criticism very much desired during this thread. Please don't spare my feelings on her.


This year's Certificate after last year's bronze at reapercon has me frustrated and I need to get a Silver next year (a gold would be amazing, but I don't think my abilities will be refined enough to have 0 mistakes).





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So my plan for her:

Her hair and face will be based off of my little sister (a red head).  I need to ask for her permission to post a picture here (which she's unlikely to give considering her opinion of me).


Her metals are going to be NMM, as I want to control the reflections. This will be a challenge for me, particularly since the anvil will also need texture added.


Behind her, there will be strong OSL (light source not on mini) to give the idea of a burning forge. There will still be global lighting, as I expect she'd want a good amount of light to work by.


A sword or other piece may or may not be added to the scene...haven't decided yet.


I'd like to add some dirt or something to give the gist of her working up until the pose, but I don't know how to give that effect, so that may have to wait.


Considering how much I want to achieve with her, she may end up being my 2020 Reapercon entry.


Just now, pcktlnt said:

Do a wash over the metal and inspect for any missed mold lines. It is annoying when you start painting and then lo and behold... mold line. -__-

I'll make sure to do that. Thanks for the suggestion.

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9 minutes ago, Mckenna35 said:

Pretty sure this is called Medieval Maelee.  It's the one he only sells at Cons.  I look forward to watching your progress on this!

Thanks. I'm going to use that as her title in this post to clarify, until I'm told otherwise. 


I got her through the Maelee collection during the last KS. I absolutely love all of them, since they remind me so perfectly of Ashes.

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I didn't realize the name as Maelee, not Maelae.
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11 minutes ago, Clearman said:

They are in tricky spots because the detail, but I think files and x-acto knife should still work.  Do you have any tiny diamond files?


If you cannot remove them completely, a couple coats of gloss sealer will help obscure the ridge.

I do not have any diamond files. I know I should get some, but I have yet to justify them.

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6 minutes ago, pcktlnt said:

@Paradoxical Mouse did you prime the mini? from the pictures it doesn't look like it. 

No - I didn't. I stopped priming minis a little while ago - primer tends to be goopy for me and paint seems to stick fine without it.


I don't have the setup to use an airbrush right now, either, since I'm at my kitchen table.

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