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Demigoddesses don't have undergarments

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26 minutes ago, Fire_Eyes said:

She's looking great! I have this figure too and I'm excited to see what you do with her!


My one critique is that (at least in the picture) her skin is looking a little flat, and might need some more shadows/contrast


The skin does go to a deep purple under her rump. Finding the balance on the larger area is tough, and I'm aiming for somewhat other-worldly skin. Might try to shadow it a bit more once the rest is done, if I want to risk it.


She is difficult to assemble, and I've kinda fudged glue marks on her ankle. Her right arm needs to be attached, both feet need to be attached, and the head.... and head-wings. They are tiny joints and don't fit perfectly. The forest nymph I can barely get together at all. This one I got together and had to do a lot of smoothing with gloss varnish for her shoulder. The ankle joints are really fragile so I didn't risk filing off the extra glue. Just decided to paint a thicker sandal strap.

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2 hours ago, Nos4ah2 said:

Fantastic brushwork! I love the color choices and variety of colors used in the books!


The books were tricky! I was trying to hit a random set of colors, and have them spaced out reasonably without being too ordered. Also tried to keep to desaturated colors so they wouldn't detract from the figure on top. Tough balance to strike, and I think they took longer than the cloth did!

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I worked on sanding her console a bit this evening. However, I need to pack for my trip to CO and won't be bringing her to work on while I am there. I want to touch up her fingers and her sandals a bit, and get the base around the books done. May get that done tonight but wouldn't count on it. Then the goggles - those will be blue and gold. 


As soon as I am back, I will be working on her. After she's done I need to work on an angel figure!

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Playing with saturation is something I am trying to work on more lately. This figure is mostly low saturation colors and I often work in high saturation. If the books were vibrant, the eye would be held there. I want the viewer to look at them, see that they are books with writing, then focus on the person on top. Therefore the person on top should have more "focus on me" coloration. The blue used in the cloth is a more saturated one than the ones in books. I put some blue in the feathers to unite the head and the body a bit, and blue sandal straps for similar. 


At least this is thought process - may not always be successful but I try!

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I'm back! I worked on shading her head wings a bit more and I like them. I also added some fine feather lines to them for more detail. I added more shading to the legs, but I think I need to back down on it in a few spots. Also did the goggles. I thought I'd do some NMM gold on them, but it just wasn't looking right, so I've gone just blue. I used a more vivid blue on the goggles than the rest, then toned it down with highlighting. Not 100% convinced it was the right move; it does stand out quite a bit, but overall I like it.

The console for her is primed and I used gloss varnish to smooth out some mold lines. I was originally thinking I'd do it in NMM, however, after looking at her, I think that would be too intense. So I'm going to try making it a white-gray marble, then have the designs in blues to match her (I think).


Pictures of her coming tonight.


Picture of goal marble:


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    • By Cyradis
      I still don't have a great photography setup, so despite efforts, this is fairly washed out (pinks in the cheeks aren't as apparent as IRL, and the hair is dulled in the photos). But until I can get figures in for a photoshoot with a friend, these will do. Sloppy selfie with the inspiration for the figure setup, before I try to dye my hair back to normal. Been teal for 9 months now, and I miss my blonde.
      I painted the figure roughly as myself, instead of with ideal artistic combinations. The patch on the back isn't really the coolest, but that's our work group's logo (and a diagram of part of my PhD research). So it is a personal design, distinctly not artistic. Also dragon instead of weasel.... heh.
      Project was part of the Season 3 for the Vancouver Mini Painting Club

    • By Cyradis
      I got half decent photos! Aside from a little lint and not being 100%... but they're better than what I did before! I needed my dress pants for a usable backdrop, and I had to get my finger in the photo then crop it out for color balance, but it is okay!
      This is Aeon Trespass's Knowledge Nymph, as a demigoddess character in my world - The Watcher. Aletheia, former Loremistress who sacrificed herself for her library, and was raised as a demigoddess, then given the job of recording the history and stories of the region. Although she is strictly lawful, she doesn't really feel the need for undergarments. She likes her pajamas, and doesn't get many visitors in her "nest".
      Of Interest and Learning:
      First time painting sheer cloth. The super fine wrinkles on the small of her back made this tricky, but the rump was good for testing it out! I tried to paint the floor and her console/podium to look like marble stone, with simple paint on it. I tried to use desaturated colors for the books, so that the viewer would see them but focus on her instead. Open books shouldn't have nothing in them, so I popped on diagrams and scribbles (some roughly in Greek characters).  
      Comments and critique are welcome! RED PEN ME.


    • By Glitterwolf
      This is Marshalla Sylvie from Freebooter Miniatures.
      In my Lost World she is Bonita, Half Pirate / Half Snake.
      I gave painted her base as if she was on driftwood in the water.
      Had fun with the Snake part and tried a little sheer on her blouse.
      WIP and Lost World Stories here

    • By djizomdjinn
      I like painting sheer fabric, so the Ghoul Queen seemed like a mini to do more of that on.

    • By Marsya
      It's been quite some time since I posted some minis here let alone a WIP. And joining the google hangout reminded me I really should ( thank you for that) . I apologize I switched jobs a few months ago and my life had been a little abnormal since. I also am kinda moved to Lancaster, Pa so if any fellow forum members are out this way, give me a shout I'd love to meet up to paint, game or just chat.
      Anyway on to the mini. I started Jahenna months ago to use as a test piece to try out a new mix for flesh. Since I finished up everything else on my desk, I figured I'd give her some more time, and quite possibly finish her who knows.
      Here are some photos that should be safe for the forums of how she looked when I picked her up a few days ago. (Please forgive my cell phone pics, I do not have my photo setup and light box with me yet during the week)

      So basically I was testing color mixes and hadn't even completely blended it but that's ok as most of it will be covered anyway for the cloth.
      I slowly started to block in some cloth and began my intermediate mixes to help make it look sheer. I also upped the highlights on her skin a bit. Here is how she looks now.
      These photos are linked as the front is considered nudity.
      The back
      And front
      Now I still have lots to do to make the cloth look right and blend better, as well as go back to her skin and fix that but I hope it's starting to read right. And hopefully with everyone's motivation possibly get her finished rather than leave her sit on the shelf of shame. This weekend I will attempt to take photos with my light box and camera as well.
      As always thanks everyone for all the awesomeness on these forums.
      And of course comments, critiques or just general rambling always welcome.
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