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The Curious Case Of The Cats Of Crumptown by Northumbrian Tin Soldier

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MowwGaar the Barbarian looking good after a lick of paint from John Morris who is clearly some sort of paintbrush wielding wizard.




One of the Accompanying Kittenguard add on Informally named meatball. The Kitten Guard are a set of 12 Soldier type Miniatures designed to compliment our heroes and can quite easily used in tabletop and skirmish games. 


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Turns out that keeping track of threads for cat mini kickstarters is a lot like, well... herding cats.

MowwGaar the Barbarian looking good after a lick of paint from John Morris who is clearly some sort of paintbrush wielding wizard.     One of the Accompanying Kittenguard add on I

Without any further delay here are the Sculptors' greens for Izzy the Priest, Flynn the Ranger and Sir Hector the Fighter.  

Posted Images

Good morning! The coming soon page is now live and we plan to launch on Tuesday 29th of October around 4PM GMT  - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/northumbriantin/the-curious-case-of-the-cats-of-crumptown


Lots of fantastic things to be acquired, Heroic cat miniatures, 28mm Soldier cats with various designs, Enemies and Magical items. Lots of free stretch goals too. (hopefully :lol:)







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By now you have probably heard me talking about the kickstarter exclusive miniature Luna. We are actually really proud of how well she turned out and we hope that you love her too! As she is exclusive to Kickstarter she wont be cast again after this so it will be your only chance to get one.
Luna was designed completely differently to the rest of the cats. With Luna there was a lot more scope, so we had fun and made an anthropomorphic kitten dragon with a wooden sword, because.. well why not?
So while you might find the rest of the cats delving into the depths of a mysterious dungeon or engaged in battle with a horde of goblins. You will most certainly find Luna just being Luna. 
So This is it, we launch tomorrow around 4PM GMT. We will send you an email to let you know when we go live, you can also click the notify me button on our pre-launch Kickstarter page Here. See you tomorrow!
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A great company has the following kickstarter for some really nice heroic scale cat miniatures.  I've purchased many figures in the past from their store and they are all wonderful sculpts and well made.



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Hi Everyone

We have had a fantastic start to our campaign - thank you, everyone, for your support :-)

I will drop a couple of posts in the forum this evening, Stretch goal unlocks and then later we have our first painted miniature to show off .

Firstly I would like to show you the stretch goals that have already been unlocked for our backers and are now FREE with all eligible pledges, 

8 fantastic items and we are only a few hundred pounds off the 9th unlock..... then things REALLY start to get interesting 

If you would like to join us on our journey or just check out our project our Kickstarter link is below  :


Thanks everyone




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Flynn wanders the Darkewood as confidently as he used to stalk the alley by the bakers, hunting mice.

Only his prey got much bigger and much, much, more dangerous... 

Flynn the Ranger D&D Cat character from our ongoing Kickstarter campaign - The Curious Case of the Cats of Crumptown.
Wonderfully painted by Mystic Spirals we hope you like it as much as we do :-) 
More painted figures very soon.

Come and join us on our journey - http://kck.st/32YCusm



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You can find no greater ally than Izzy. Certainly in the face of the evil that lurks in the ruins of the Darkewood, or if someone should step on your paw.....

We had a lot of fun with this photo :-) - Great painting once again by Mystic Spirals - John Morris, we added a fantasy wallpaper in photoshop to add a little atmosphere...

I like to think it shows 'Izzy' our Cats of Crumptown Priest exploring an ancient ruin in the heart of the Darkewood ... 

 it's a bit of fun and we hope you enjoy it.

Available alongside the rest of the Cats of Crumptown on Kickstarter - http://kck.st/32YCusm

If you haven't seen our campaign yet we would love you to come to take a look and maybe join us on our journey :-)


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Checking out their website they have a great selection of emotive anthropomorphic minis. Look at this troupe of weasels. They would be a perfect pairing for the the Pirate Otters in Bones 5.weasels.thumb.jpg.e5b2172ebb496554eb828111efdcc6ec.jpgotter.jpg.b5918ce1792f40511a7068b5afb338b6.jpg



While the weasels aren't currently part of the kickstarter I will be getting them at some point to go with the cats of Crumptown, some reaper mouslings, and the Pirate otters to fully staff my new ship from Bones 5 when it arrives.


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Under 48 hours left and this pugnacious little group is doing quite well. They have unlocked a load of stretch goals so the main pledges now include a bunch of cute extras. The best is probably the kitten in the dino costume (extras will also be available for £5 as a add-on). But even better they just added a new hedgehog free-bee add-on if they hit £30,000 ( racing close to it already)



edit: Hedgehog unlocked with 24 hours remaining

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