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Detolf Cases and Dust

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I'm not at all sure that this is where I should put this topic, but since it involves storage of minis, I thought this might be OK?


I've been displaying my painted minis in the tall, glass Detolf cases from Ikea (recommended by some of the other painters here).  My goal with putting the minis into a glass case was to protect them, at least somewhat, from dust.  Unfortunately, that is not happening.  :lol:  I'm still getting quite a bit of dust on the shelves and the minis, only it's even more difficult to clean things off now that they're all stuffed into a case together.


Has anybody tackled modding these shelves in such a way that they are at least a little more impervious to dust?  Or do I have to be a trail blazer here??

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Just stopping back in to report that the tutorial on Massive Voodoo was exactly what I needed. ::D: My cases are now nicely modded, and appear to be staying dust-free. Thanks again!


As a bonus, I found some YouTube videos that also showed how to use cable clamps to add additional shelves. Hello, double the mini storage!

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