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Rescue Mission Diorama

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Girl is done, a bit more dirt on her feet and a slight rednes around her wound on the leg. She got into the cage, and the lock is on.. 

And I started building a tree. 




C&c welcome - happy painting




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A little progress.. 

Almost done with the tree. 

I am still working on the terrain, Ive added some side plates and startet to sculpt the rocks out to the plates. I could not get the same type of clay, som got the brown stuff, but I think I like the white stuff better. 




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I will ad some rubble, but I mainly imagine it to be a wet place, with wet dirt and some mud maybe a few puddles, dead laves and ferns, forest-like. There will come many details.. :o) 


Yes the lock is Green Stuff and a piece of wire. 

The white sculpting is a "clay" made from paper, so very light and is kind of flexible when dry. A good thing is it can be "melted" with water. 

The red-brown type is normal clay thing. Sorry I dont know the names of any of them, but I can try to find. 

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More highlights and more colors.. I used Army Painters washes.. Purple in some of the deep shadows, red in some midtones and green here and there. All three quite randomly. 

I also started on the backdrop for the cave entrance. Its a separate plate, thats gonna be attached to the backside when its painted. 



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