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Two Clear Blues?


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MSP has 9097 Clear Blue.

ReaperCon had 9607 Clear Phthalo Blue.


But there is a forum post from Anne characterizing 9097 as phthalo blue (search using "pthalo").

And another post from Anne characterizes 9097 as "red-phase".

I have a bottle of 9607, and in the bottle it looks like what I would expect red shade phthalo blue to look like (as opposed to green shade phthalo blue, which apparently is also a thing). I have never seen 9097 in person.


So I wonder: what -- if anything -- is the difference between 9097 and 9607?

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22 minutes ago, Clearman said:

The description I heard Anne give was that 9607 was the green-shade blue, and is actually very close to a true Cyan blue.  I have not done any personal comparisons.


Barring any conflicting reports, this is good enough for me. After all, "Clear" is your first name.


Apparently I need to get some 9097, just to compare them.

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Hold on, you happened to post this on my paint maintenance day! I'm about to start shaking my blues/checking which need water... 



ok, the clear blue is a little more navy than that ridiculously pthalo blue shade but they are reeeeeeeal close. 


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Not currently having a bottle of the old Clear blue, but going by  @Argentee's picture I'd say that @Clearman had it right, that definitely looks like the difference between a Pthalo red shade anda Pthalo green shade.

very close, only a slight difference, but they give different life when used in mixes with reds or yellows.


try alternating glazes of both of them and you'll get the most bluest blue ever.

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