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03294 | Tobias Winterhorn, Druid


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Here's some work done on old Tobias here. :)


 I had one idea in my head, and started painting and it went a completely different direction. Once I get all the base coats on him I'll have to go back and give him some dimension.

Feedback is always welcomed. Thanks for taking a look!




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A little progress tonight. Been a long day, so calling it quits earlier than usual tonight. 


Worked on the hair a bit and started on the leather wraps on his arms.




22 hours ago, Fire_Eyes said:

That's looking amazing!


19 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Very nice!


Thank you both! 

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Slow going here. I had a busy weekend with the kids and... well... just life! I'm making some progress every now and again though.

I often paint when everyone goes to bed; so assuming that I have the ability to stay up and find that precious painting time, I'm hoping to finish this one up this week.


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