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Spider-Man Bust (Dollar store garbage)


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3 hours ago, Fire_Eyes said:

Looks great! How did you prime and prep it? I've been working on a dollar store Captain America bust and struggling with paint chipping

I used army painter brush on primer through my airbrush. I didn't bother washing it just whent straight to priming. I had a little bit of chipping at the beginning but I patched it up with a bit more primer and was gentle with the first few coats of paint.  Hope that helps. 

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I would like to try something like this too, there are some Marvel heroes I wouldn't mind having busts of.  Pretty much anything I do is "practice" this early in my mini painting experience, I'm currently sitting at 32 finished minis total (all but one of which I have posted here, come to think of it).  I have started branching out into bigger things too, my latest project was the Colossal Skeleton and I was rather happy with it, maybe I can start with some things that aren't strictly minis.

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