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Star Hat Miniatures for DuckQuest


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Star Hat Miniatures for DuckQuest Fantasy Role Playing Games

A fantastic new range of heroic miniatures: ducks, crows, turtles (and more) for your tabletop RPG (Rune/Dragon/Hero/Duck) Quest games.




d60bfc6c3596737786f57001b11d2ffe_origina YOU asked for it! DUCKQUEST FANTASY ROLEPLAY. This is the cover, with gratitude to Jon Hodgeson the illustrator and Rom Brown (Whippersnapper Artworkz) for the logo design and layout. What will be beyond the cover? As much as we can pack into it!

It's Time for Epic Adventure!

Time to explore Duckwyrld... where four valiant Heroes of Quackmoor have been summoned by Mandrake, founder of the Guild of Delvers, to do battle with the nefarious Mordux and his evil minions. Seated upon the legendary Throne of Bones, the power of the Duck Lord grows with each passing night. You must boldly descend into the darkest dungeons of Castle Greyduck, defeat the Champions of Chaos and end the wicked rule of Mordux!

db6e26e1bf5914b82730402277ca9cb5_origina Four Duck Heroes + Mandrake! (cast in premium white metal - supplied unpainted).
95bbd006611e637bb42383cb92f3fee7_origina Three Duck Champions (cast in premium white metal - supplied unpainted).
072adf6966f10c39063d6c06a75d5799_origina Three + One = Four! Minions of Mordux (now with added Aduk-Esun-Amon).
f7635117a4b0d8e88ca93a8271c71e71_origina Six Crow Denizens (cast in premium white metal - supplied unpainted).
28d53512a9d4d8bd43d5316e7a303c9b_origina Four Turtle Warriors (cast in premium white metal - supplied unpainted).
14e75d52d2152674bbe844ea6d40f480_origina Four Magic Mushies (cast in premium white metal - supplied unpainted).
0ab7ec5cad8795c5aebc8d1184823e83_origina Three Mercenary Ducks (cast in premium white metal - supplied unpainted).

Ah, Stretch Goals, it wouldn't be a Kickstarter without them! In previous Star Hat Miniatures campaigns there have been a steady stream of stretch goals (usually miniatures), brought forth in a storm of creativity and backer-fueled inspiration. As the campaign develops, expect to see new creations appear here... I can't wait to see what we come up with!

c76788d2af167c9f48675654863827dd_origina Aduk-Esun-Amoon. Add-On NZ$12. FREE with the Minions of Mordux set!
6891beee5ce2f4cee580fcbbe6d0ead7_origina Sarge, 82nd Airborne. Add-On NZ$12. FREE for Epic Duck and Legendary Duck Pledge Backers!
ec59a7a1d7ad39c88668b1e233ebf469_origina Giant Cave Droll. Add-On NZ$24. FREE for Epic Duck and Legendary Duck Pledge Backers!
7f01189d5883fba9806a66f10b48081d_origina Mandrake the Magus. Add-On NZ$12. FREE with the Heroes of Quackmoor set!
e92912634d48e5c00f5aa091182e68b7_origina Daffyd Platypyros. Add-On NZ$99. FREE with the Legendary Duck pledge!

More to come...

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12 hours ago, JoeGKushner said:

Not too fond of the ducks but the turtles would make great tortles from D&D. The crows might make good Kenku too. Shared!

Thank you so much Joe!  ::D:

11 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

@pcktlnt look at that Platypyros!

She's looking back at you :wub:

11 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

@pcktlnt look at that Platypyros!


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Final Day for this Kickstarter...


I thought I should mention that these miniatures are available NOW as Add-Ons. When they unlock as Stretch Goals they become FREE with the Duck Inn and Legendary pledge levels.

b430ad31ebf245ab1fc0b762b4a6e00a_origina The dreaded Fowlbear!
dbdd9f6821372160aa7c20233996ae2f_origina Sudan, Rhinoman.
8a1bb4c377d1477748e850e1f5534b55_origina Edwina, Empress of the Wilderlands.
c1b6a40d013db8efbdbc943f5af9b8ad_origina Ainger, Buffalo Souljah.

I am hoping we see these all reach the Duck Inn but even if those goals aren't reached, they will still be available as Add-Ons.

Thank you for supporting DuckQuest!

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