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Batman: Gotham City Chronicles - Mission 11

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B:GCC - Mission 11 "Major Gas Madness" has Scarecrow as the major villain to beat.  You need to find his toxin formula and escape before you croak.  There is a lot of deadly gas about (surprise) so you need to be careful.  There were no new heroes to paint in this mission, so I painted up a set of thugs instead.  


Scarecrow and Hazmat Thugs

Scarecrow and Thugs



Not the Scarecrow I'm familiar with, but a cool one nonetheless.  Fairly easy to paint, although sometimes the paint seemed to not want to stick to some difficult to reach areas.  

1166789478_2019-09-1514_25_21.thumb.jpg.f8110720c952e0d0b15cc7469ec6c550.jpg 204523479_2019-09-1514_25_30.thumb.jpg.051333d671c7000eabb8ab4264419ce6.jpg


I thought Hazmat Thugs would be a nice combo to paint up with Scarecrow.  I was debating on what to do with the area of plastic between the strap and the gun.  Do I paint it black?  Or light blue?  or white?  Or yellow?  In the end I decided that these guys were minions so who cares.  Black was the least amount of work and looks good enough for what they are on the table for.  


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      First up, Professor Pyg's Gang.  They don't have names, as far as I can tell, so I named them myself.
      The Gang.  Unlike most henchmen, these are all unique sculpts.  

      "Bojack Horseman" - The Hawaiian shirt didn't quite come out as I had hoped, the red flowers blended in with the orange shirt, but the yellow really gets the point across so I'm happy.  Not sure how I would do it in the future, maybe use a brighter orange?
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      B:GCC - Arkham Asylum expansion of course includes generic asylum patients.  Nothing particularly special in this batch other than it marks the last part of Batman: Gotham City Chronicles for wave 1.  
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      BGG: Arkahm Asylum part 2 is the penultimate (love that word) show off topic by me for season 1.  I'll still have to do season 2, but they need to be primed and it isn't great priming weather. 
      Plus I think I need a Bat-break.

      Listed as Jervis Tetch on the box for some reason instead of his nom du guerre, The Mad Hatter.  I missed the opportunity to paint him in blue to match the Batman Animated Series, but the green works.  His pants in the picture had some sort of excessive design on them and that was a big NO THANK YOU from me.  I'm sure he's happy with Alien Goo pants, who wouldn't be.  
      Probably my favorite figure of the group.  Professor Pyg was never a villain I liked the one or two times I did see him, but I like how he came out.  

      I'll be honest, I have no idea who Joker (Mr. Joe) is, as I get most of my bat-lore from the shows. 
      Zsasz is another one I never really heard of until later.  
      Joker's goons with guns.  A bit brighter than the other Joker's goons, I guess.  I kinda screwed up on their mouths, but you won't notice that unless you know what to look for.  They had open mouths with teeth showing, but screw that noise.  
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      B:GCC - Arkham Asylum adds some more characters as well as missions in the infamous Arkham Asylum and Joker's Fun House.  No real rhyme or reason for the figures that I painted other than their location in the box. 
      Clayface posing as the Joker.  I probably could have done a little more with his face.  
      Dr Hugo Strange, not to be confused with Dr. Strange.  
      Tweedledee and Tweedledum.  I'm happy with the color on these guys.  I wasn't sure how to paint them at first, but these colors work well for insane comic book characters.  
      Joker's gang (with hammers).  The mouths did not come out as good for some.  I'm ok with that since they are henchmen and crazy.  The face paint is likewise pretty "off", but it works given the situation.  

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