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Bones Androids as "cobra battle android troopers"

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11 minutes ago, Disciple of Sakura said:

I'm having flashbacks of the BATs commander toy with voice-box backpack I owned when I was a kid.
"BATs! Attack!"

"Destroy! Destroy!"


"overkill" he was one of my favorites as a kid, but I haven't found the right mini to convert into that lime green and gold monster

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    • By nervisfr
      I'm back with a new conversion.
      The classic one was like that :

      and mine is like that :

      and after some paintjob, looking like ;

      all pictures can seen on my blog :
    • By Werkrobotwerk
      This is the reason I had spare male androids. Because I need a robot devil for tomorrow night's shadow run game. 
      Her body is the bones android, her wings are necron bits

    • By Werkrobotwerk
      So, here it is the finished death dumpster, my gencon 2016 painting contest entry. This is the first time I've entered a painting contest at a con that was not the speed paint.
      The dumpster is a reaper bones dumpster, wrapped up in a mix of plastic card, mantic, games workshop, and I think tamaya bits that I got from mystery bags at a game auction. His base is made of a CD-r that failed to burn correctly.

    • By Werkrobotwerk
      These are meant to be dark souls style bonfires, that I made as objective markers.
      I started by chopping a burning sphere about halfway up. Then I stuck the top part onto a base using modeling paste, which I used to sculpt in some bones and dirt and the like. then I took the two unsheathed swords from P14261C, and twisted the blades slightly using a round nose pliars, because the swords are supposed to be ruined. Then I primed the swords. once they were dry I drilled a small hole in the flames with a pin vise and stuck the sword in. I used a little super glue, but it stuck pretty well just from friction.
      Then nothing left to do but paint them and respawn some undead.

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