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Dreadmere Mercenaries

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Good job on showing hard worn, but well taken care of clothes and gear.  Especially that axe man, you hit that just right.  And I like that they don't look like a unit, but, like they could go together.  Nicely done.  

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2 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:


Also love the stories.


I thought the guy with the mug looks like he’s going on a slightly drunken rant.

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      so once these came out in retail I was really pretty thrilled and bought some as soon as possible.  Now that I've taken photos I see tons of errors, but oh well, I'm probably not going to fix anything any more with these two.  
      I'd like to just mention that these two little gnomes were great fun to paint and as my second and third Bones Black figures that I've painted, I do enjoy working with the material.  I did prime them, and the only real issue I had was those first coats of primer, and also a first coat of paint sticking on the figure properly (yes I washed them before starting to paint). Also removing the flash was a bit different than removing flash from metal, but not a horrible inconvenience.
      Anyway, here they are, hope you enjoy them!

      and the lovely pair together:

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