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Gantrell's Red Mantis and Chivane Assassins - OSL Project - 60049 & 60072

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  • Gantrell changed the title to Gantrell's Red Mantis and Chivane Assassins - OSL Project - 60049 & 60072

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    • By Jasper_the_2nd
      My Secret Sophie recipient was Fanguad.
      He's a GM, so I went looking for some interesting NPCs.  Ordered a few and this guy told me he wanted to be painted. Considering how many blades he has, I thought I should oblige him. 

      He was  fun to paint (once I figured out I was using the wrong red and started the reds over).  Its interesting using that few colours on a fig, since I'm usually more of a "he's got 4 pouches on his belt, I need 4 different leathers" kind of guy.
      I had a spare set of Halfsies dice (I ordered a LOT with that kickstarter....) that matched his colours pretty well, so hopefully they'll roll some crits for this guy!
      His base is plain as per the request. 
      Lighting for the pics isn't as good as usual.  One of my lamps is out of commission.
    • By Guildenstern
      ^^ this miniature
      I really need help with the sword arm). It doesn't mesh well, the angle the sword is held at vs the area on the wrist it attaches too makes it very awkward too.
      I love the pose! I love the miniature, but this is probably the third time the arms fallen off :( I'm having a really hard time trying to pin it as it's quite a small area at a bit of an angle (not flat) so it's hard to get the bit in properly to make sure the hole is at the same angle on both pieces.
      I tried metal glue (testor's iirc) and I tried green stuff, both of which didn't hold it. It may have been knocked once, this is my son's miniature for our RP games.
      I really love this mini but right now I want to throw it through the wall lol
      It's currently in my tupperware container getting green cleaned so I can try again, and repaint it. Sigh.
      I can post a pic of the area in question if that helps - but any advice or anyone who's actually mucked with this particular mini who has an idea - that'd be great!
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