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Balgin Stondraeg

Citizens of the Old World

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Someone's been playing WFRP recently :).


Project Link


Project includes STL files for people rich enough to actually afford a 3d printer and, miniatures at a much more affordable level for those of us poor peasants who cannot afford such exorbitantly expensive machinery (or choose not to).


The curse of the tiny pictures strikes again.


Selected non tiny pictures.









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This seems very expensive for an STL Kickstarter. The level of detail is nice, but 60€ for 11 STLs is a bit much. All of the minis are rather unique, so it won't make much sense to print multiples of one of them.

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It is interesting that the resin models are the same price as the .stl files. You do save on shipping though. I kind of like the fish lady. Not really enticed by anything here though.

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Another interesting thing is, they have another project going on right now for minis too. The other one is for Steam punk humans and bondage elves. The Steam punk guys look like they could fit malifaux. The elves are kind of dark elf-y. With the female ones a little more on the bondage side (and less clothed) than the male. Not a criticism, just an interesting choice. They even mentioned that you can combine shipping between projects as they will be  produced and fulfilled at the same time. 

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