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Reapercon 2019 Box of Goodwill chatter/picture/travel thread

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1 hour ago, Ratmaster2000 said:

Ooh, informed delivery says I have a priority mail box on it's way from Michigan arriving on Monday, hmm I wonder what that might be::P:

That should be it, I mailed it out yesterday.

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The box got here like 7:20AM ::o: So I was able to give it a good look after the kids went to school:rolleyes: I have made my selections and will be sending the box out tomorrow. Considering the USPS stellar performance of our boxes so far and with winter and the rainy season upon us, I bagged up and ziploc'd everything left:) Mini's are in one bag, the scenery already was, the assorted Reapercon loot in a shopping bag:) And it's in a new box AGAIN:( Geez USPS:( Also, there is a bag marked for @Chaoswolf for the next regular BoGW as I will not be in the next round. Hopefully when it goes out in the regular BoGW people will find them useful:)

And now what you have all been waiting for...PICTURES!






I tried to get a group shot and then individuals, but the tombstone did not photo well:(


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The box has arrived in not-currently-sunny Pittsburgh! I've already made some selections, and I will either send the box along tomorrow or Monday.


My selections:



I was very glad a blood wolves iconic was available! The maggotcrown dude is also pretty great, he's got a nice backpack for that classic adventurer flair. And Anthanelle is always welcome. Yay!

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Box is still in great condition! The tape on top of the box needs to be replaced, but I think that's normal since I opened it. Otherwise no issues.

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