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Cold stuff. Yeties 77434 And Remorhaz

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    • By Evilhalfling
      I had the kids home from school unexpectedly yesterday: 
      Elder spawn had a friend over and we did come painting. 
      got a pair of yeti out and I did wash and drybrush with mini-spawn  (5yrs) using craft brushes, reaper paint and a wet pallet.
      I painted eyesockets, and then gave her a toothpick for whites. 
      I was helping Elderspawn with her Dungeons and Doggies figure and Minispawn just grabed a transparent ranger, I told her to paint it however, since I dont have a working system for transparents.  It makes a really good ghost now.  
      three more off my bones3 core set.

    • By Ratmaster2000
      Okay, first off, I know it's not finished :) @ladystormindicated she wanted a count of everyone's efforts and to just post (forgive me if I misinterpreted that). This was going to be (and still will be...later) a big Diorama using all four of the chill out Yetis (the chieftain and another Yeti playing, and two holding up their makeshift net) playing Yeti Ball. I have all four primed and was going good, then left slapped me around (kid's activities, family disagreements, illness, you know the stuff that prevents stuff from coming about). I was at least going to get the Yeti Chieftain done and holding the ball and actually got a nice basecoat and some highlighting done, when I realized I had no idea where the heck my super glue went to (you know, to glue the ball to his paw), so I figured that was my cue to stop and come back later then make a small issue bigger (and we are going to Knott's today, so sleep would be desirable). I know this should be in WIP, so please move if this is in wrong place. So, without further ado, here is what I cobbled together:(

    • By Kev!
         I hope I am  doing this right...

      For the LadyStorm Contest,
    • By Glitterwolf
      *** Please read in David Attenborough's voice***
      Even the cold North has it brief moment of Spring.
      The Ice will never melt completely, but the small rise in temperature will melt some, giving the scarse plantlife a chance to sprout.
      Of course melting ice will also mean that large chunks will fall and this can surprise even the most experienced Yeti Chieftain as we see here.
      Our Yeti Chieftain Gorm was distracted by his thoughts of a certain female of the species, it is Spring after all...when he found himself too close to a ice mountain.
      A sudden crackling sound and a large chunk came down.
      Gorm found himself paralyzed with fear, and this would be his doom.

    • By lexomatic
      What the Dickens!
      After a long trek through snow and ice, Cornelius was disappointed to learn that the library only had a book of Christmas Carols, and not A Christmas Carol, which he was hoping to finally read this year

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