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Sacrifices and Cultists

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So, having finished my spiders (Show-Off thread to come, I'm working on some lighting issues atm) I'm moving on to my next large-ish groups of miniatures. One is going to be a group of Anhurians and Anhurian-type soldiery I grabbed off the melt table to serve as a rag-tag town guard (WIP of those to be incoming) and the other is a more thematic group of minis I grabbed from the metal melt bins: cultists and their sacrifices.


The minis I'm going to include in this one are more varied, since I'm throwing together a bunch of stuff I think will roughly fill out an encounter rather than worrying about tightly matching the theme. Right now it's:


- Just the victim from 03312: Cultists and Victim. I'm doing two versions of her; one using the sacrificial ring from that set, and the other on the altar from 02580: Altar of Evil.

- I'm using the same victim for both sacrifices because she's pretty much a dead on match for the Nymph from 02741, who is gonna be painted up the same as both of them. She'll make a great post-rescue figure for the once-helpless victim, giving me a way to have her help out in combat.

- Speaking of the cultists I left out from 03312, I'm going to be painting up some more modern models instead. I have all of 03940: Cultist Minions, the woman from 03941: Cultist Leaders, and the two bird people Sister Hazel and Brother Lazarus.

- Six is a tidy little cult, but they need some back-up for when nasty adventurers come crawling. The dark gods protect their minions, though, sending four Shade Beasts and two Hell Hounds (maybe three, if I can find the third) to attack any heroes who stumble into their machenations...

- And how did the adventurers find out about all this? A missing persons sign, promising a large reward, of course! Specifically, the one from Badgers and Burrows, I think. This was a melt table find, and it's amazing!


Some of my other supernatural baddies may make it into this, too. I have a box of skeletons running around somewhere that needs done, and some other four-legged nasties that these vile warlocks may summon up... I'll have to see what gets done! As of posting this, the cultists, victim, sign and shade beasts are all primed and ready to go, so I'll have to see how quickly I get through them. Either way, once I've finished that list, I'll start a new WIP thread and post a show-off...

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So, what did I get done tonight? Well, all the basing and priming above, and then some! I had a D&D game, and brought my paints with me so I could get some work done. It's all newer players except me, so I'm trying to let them work through the adventure without too much input...


I worked on the sacrifice in the ring, and the sign. Both are near-done - the ring is all painted except the fittings that needed silver paint for steel, and the sign just needs flock on the base. 70629274_2699795713373665_3607047692779257856_n.thumb.jpg.28269150e2d9ce94d676308bca28a652.jpg


The sign was a nice easy paint job with a lot of texture. I went really close to white on the drybrush before knocking it down with a was, and it came out looking pretty great and well-aged. You can see a missing poster with the sacrifice's face on it in the lower corner, and then it was just a lot of tallies for text... You can also see the chalky thighs of my first attempt at the sacrifice to the left...



I gave up on that after a bit and moved over to this. There is a ton of detail in the ring - it's a great piece - and the sacrifice's skin finally satisfied me. She's a desert woman who's descended from an Efrit, so she has vivid red hair and dark skin. Getting the skin smooth, and highlighting it in a way that made it appear rich and dark without going over chalky or accidentally highlighting her up to tan-white-lady, was very important to me, and I think I got there in the end... There's a gash in her side that's hard to see atm, but that's why her abs look like they've gone over odd.


All that's left on her is to his the rings, blade, and clamp next to the candle with silver and a wash,  and do a little work with GW blood goo and the cut, and I'll call this done. I'm happy with it for a tabletop piece! Happier still with that pentacle - got it in one shot, no do-overs!


Once I've got these two touched up tomorrow, I'm going to do the shade beasts, I think. They look nice and easy - I'm thinking purple basecoat, lots of black shading and dark washes, and maybe white for the eyes, and they're done? Nice easy stuff, just gonna do it in the same way I plan for the Shadow Demons... which, hey, maybe I should order those and add them for this WIP...

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Aight. No pictures tonight, but the shade beasts are done, and I've got a pair of Shadow Demons on the way! I decided to grab the Efrit Emir (03322) too, because I've got a couple of uses for him, rather than a third Shadow Demon, since they're one that comes up more often as a summons rather than an enemy and I'll probably only need a few... I have the Hellhounds all ready to paint, so I might do them tomorrow rather than the cultists, though I really should just bite the bullet and start them.


Also, I pulled out a set of Clawed Devils (02672) and did a bit of basecoating and such. Six of them, and while I don't use similar devils often enough to spend a lot of time on them, I'm willing to do them quick and dirty just to have them handy. I also have a flock of metal Barbed Devils that I could put together, and a couple Blood Devils, so I might just toss a ton of devils into this sacrificial nonsense thread, and make a sport of it.


Of course, I got distracted over the weekend - did a pair of child-centaurs (the ones from the Zodiac) for a module, and then I finally just committed to my trio of Dire Boars and painted them up... So a productive weekend, just not one that I spent on this WIP.


I have to see when our next NEMPA meeting is, or if a friend has a good camera... I really would like to just sit down with my new backdrops and everything I've painted so far and do an afternoon of photography.


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Well... I have once again been naughty and strayed from the True Path of stuff that's explicitly on my list of things to paint, in favor of stuff that's... tangentially related to stuff I needed to paint. That said, some of the stuff is specifically for my D&D group over the next week, which is nice! Tonight, I just was really tired, so I went ham on some really easy stuff - ghosts and sculptures. I painted three of the column from 02043: Undead Rising, which TBH is a really delightful little piece to pick up if you have a chance - it was really easy to get it looking good, and it's really delightfully square. I don't recall it being in Bones, but it might be?


Then I painted up that old classic, the 03659: Well of Chaos. I did this one a couple of times in Bones, and I really love it, but I have to say the metal version on this is much nicer. Not that the Bones one is bad, it's just nice how crisp it stays together, and how straight the back stays. I also feel like the octopus elf lady is much clearer and easier to paint in metal - I just drybrushed her in this one and she had a ton of clear texture to take the copper paint.


I also did the 03718: Ghost Bride for a module I'm going to run with my players the week after next. I may also finish the Banshees I have based up for that tonight, or I might get lazy and wait... I wish Reaper had a few more of these more corporeal ghosts, and honestly I might grab another of her to paint as an actual woman...


I also got a couple other ghost-themed minis based up - the sarcophegus with the roses on it, and the gravestone with a woman on it. And the tiki head from the little tribal guys, since I was doing so much stone already...


And for the hell of it, I went and built my copies of the Reaper Silver and Amber dragons. They're both great sculpts right at the upper edge of what I'd consider painting in metal - but I do prefer the metal version to the Bones one for the Silver! And Amber's pose would be impossible in Bones. I'll start a new thread when I get around to starting them, though - they're going to be a bigger project than my current crop I think.


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Not much got done over the last few days, much to my annoyance. I had a super-long shift on friday, and then I went to the aquarium and to pick up more primer and a copy of the Pathfinder 2e manual down at the Citadel in Groton today. I did manage to finish up three ghosts today, though! Lurien, Ghost; Gauren, Necropolis Hero, and the Female Wraith (03170, 14168, 03799).


I wish Reaper would do more ghosts like the Ghost Bride, although there are several other spirits I have my eyes on... I do like the very specific ghosts, though, that are more like NPC spirits than spooky spectres. 


I was gonna get distracted again and start on painting up the owl gryphon from the Dwarven Gryphon Rider, which I picked up earlier in the week as a player mount/NPC wilderness export for the next stage of their campaign, but the one I bought had two left wings, so... I sent Reaper an email, but I'm not sure what's gonna happen with that. So I'm basecoating the cultists at last!

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