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    • By Cyradis
      I love this figure. It is Aeon Trespass's Nymph of Knowledge (thanks @Paradoxical Mouse!)
      I decided to make her an NPC in my D&D campaign. So... I created a demigoddess in the world. She is a guardian of history and truth. She was elevated to being a demigoddess for her heroic sacrifice. She was the loremistress of the best library on the material plane, but the library was destroyed in civil wars. She managed to shove the most precious knowledge in the library into a small pocket dimension, but fell to the fire herself. Upon being reassembled as a demigoddess, she'd gotten merged with her kestrel familiar, and now she's partially feathered. 
      She lives in her pocket dimension, seeing what happens in the world, recording significant events and pointing significant people to their appropriate deities (or the deities to them). 
      And.... she really doesn't have a need for undies anymore. 
      Not done but getting closer! First try at sheer cloth. The rump part isn't too bad on that, but the wrinkles in the cloth are so fine that it is super tricky! 
      I don't think she quite violates the nudity rules... barely. I'll make links if you need me to due to buttocks. 
      Please feel free to give me critique!

    • By ttuckerman
      Felicitations on your personal solstice! Even if it's rocky.
    • By Glitterwolf
      This is Marshalla Sylvie from Freebooter Miniatures.
      In my Lost World she is Bonita, Half Pirate / Half Snake.
      I gave painted her base as if she was on driftwood in the water.
      Had fun with the Snake part and tried a little sheer on her blouse.
      WIP and Lost World Stories here

    • By Cyradis
      I finished Mr. Decker, and he's doing swell! 
      Goals with him: Pinstripe pants. Patterned tie. Two-hue hat band. Stubble. In these regards, I think he's a success! I also experimented with different shading methods on the coat and the shirt. I think the shirt kinda came out textured, and that's okay. Only the base, coat, and hat have been sealed (adds a slightly satiny finish that I didn't want on the rest). This is also the first figure I've used a stamp for - in the future I'll be making the greenstuff stamped area thinner. This isn't quite horizontal. He'd be an excellent piece for a diorama, but he's going to a friend in Minnesota instead. Perhaps I'll paint him again in the future for one. 
      Story for his belt: that's his homicide detective belt. When the belt matches the hat, there's been some bad broccoli around that needs his inspection. Actual reason: I wanted more contrast areas and liked it. 
      Story thus far by @Glitterwolf and @SisterMaryNapalm in the WIP below: 
      Without further ado.... here he is. C&C always welcome! 

    • By djizomdjinn
      I like painting sheer fabric, so the Ghoul Queen seemed like a mini to do more of that on.

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