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The Fall of Plaguestone, Pathfinder 2nd edition


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15 hours ago, Darcstaar said:

Just wandered into The Gathering after a while.  Looks like you need one more.  I can be your 4th.  Let me know your class picks you all want to play and I’ll come up with something appropriate to contribute to the mix.


Thank you very much! Ok, I'll look at the calendar & see what is a good date to start this thing off.



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First, this is the first time I've done pbp here on the reaper boards, so please bear with me if I ask silly questions, like ... how do I roll dice?  O.O

Unless the party wants a Wizard, I'll review the rogue I have built, give him another once over, and figure out how to send him to @haldir.  Note, the rogue is an old, and much beloved friend (in case that changes opinions, some people don't like to see repeat characters.  The wizard is new, and a goblin).

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I've always just done honor rolling dice for everything. So use your own dice or use a online roller & post your results.


Character sheets. I know there are various sources out there to use but it's been awhile since I've had to use them (being mostly 5e, I just use dndbeyond for that these days). Mythweaver have Pf 2e yet?


I know herolabs has it but I think you need to be a paid subscriber & I'm not asking for that.

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So, working on a Dwarf Cleric (Warpriest).

Quick question: can I use the free ability boost from my Ancestry and put it into the same stat as my flaw? They say you can’t boost the same ability twice at each stage, so is the flaw counting as a negative boost?  I can see how they would expect you to not be able to boost your flaw at the racial level, but it will make the difference between ending up with 12 or 14 Cha...

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I don't really see anything in the wording of the rules that prevents the free ancestry boost from offsetting the ancestry flaw, and personally, I think that's good because it needs to be allowed. With spellcasting looking to be D&D5-like,  dwarfs need to be able to start with CHA 16 and goblins need to be able to start with WIS 16 unless one wants to effectively rule out dwarf bards and goblin clerics.


(On a related note, I can't dump WIS to go 18/16/16, because with PF2 core rules, it's not actually possible to assign 10 boosts to a set of three stats; the call is between 18/16/14 and 16/16/16 because that's the full allotment of 3 ancestral, 2 background 1 class, and 3 free boosts that can go to a block of 3 non-flawed stats.)

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Missed @Dilvish the Deliverer's question the first time.  Yes, Rogue gets:

Sneak Attack

When your enemy can’t properly defend itself, you take advantage to deal extra damage. If you Strike a creature that has the flat-footed condition (page 620) with an agile or finesse melee weapon, an agile or finesse unarmed attack, or a ranged weapon attack, you deal an extra 1d6 precision damage. For a ranged attack with a thrown melee weapon, that weapon must also be agile or finesse.

As your rogue level increases, so does the number of damage dice for your sneak attack. Increase the number of dice by one at 5th


Assuming this worked well, I have 4 character sheets attached.  Both L1, and L4 projection sets for both Roonfizzle Garnackle, a young Gnome Rogue who has spent several years working with the Lumber Consortium, with some talents in woodcarvings, (The old friend/repeat/conversion character), and Jubgrub Burnfingers, a young Goblin Wizard, who's introduction to wizardry came when an adventuring party was delving his warrens, and mid charge he watched an adventurer unleash a blast of fire upon several of his warren-mates.  He immediately skidded to a stop, lowering his dogslicer, and asked "Can ...  Can you teach me how to do 'dat please?"  He spent the next couple years learning from the parties Wizard and Alchemist, and has developed an overly complicated method to keep spells and formulae straight without using actual words.

I'm game to play either.


Roonfizzle L1.pdf

Jubgrub L1.pdf

Jubgrub L4.pdf

Roonfizzle L4.pdf

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Here we have Alexi Dromage, minor noble and duelist.  https://drive.google.com/open?id=16HJx4O2T6Xl9-ppr0Ujar0h-xgGM510n.


I need to read up on the background material for this edition as I understand that things have changed in the world (Last Wall has fallen, and such) so I need to figure out where exactly he is from.

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Randy, how many players total are you looking for?  If it's 5 i might have one.  One of my co-workers was asking me a about PbPs because he has never done one and wanted to try one before starting one with his old game group.  I told him I'd see if there was room still and he said he would create an account and check the forums out.

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Shivak (pronounced SHEE-vak) Steeptunnel is an ill-fated dwarf.

 His birth was considered very lucky: he was born with striking Topaz colored eyes, matching their clan gemstone, and what their tradition holds is the eye color of Torag.


He completed the requisite crafting and militia training of his clan.  He wasn’t the strongest dwarf of his kin, so he worked extra hard at the task of wearing heavy armors while marching.  He hardly feels the weight of the armor he wears.  He also excelled with the warhammer.  His true calling was in herbal medicine.  He was a wise and fast learner for medicine and survival.


Little did he know how his skills would be tested.  Shortly after his 16th Name Day, his clan was raided by Deep Goblins.  The clan’s main defense was the steep tunnel leading to their main hall.  It became a liability that day, as the Goblins were much better climbers than the dwarves, with their clawed hands and feet.  So when enough blood had been spilled, the dwarven defenders, despite their racial tendencies of sure-footedness, could not keep their balance and they all slid to the bottom of the steep tunnel.  Shivak was knocked unconscious during the tumult.


When he came to, he surveyed a scene of utter despair.  All of his fellows were slain.  The upper tunnels were full of corpses of dwarf and goblin.  The numbers he found suggested some of his kin might have escaped, or could have been taken as slaves.  Numb and slightly mad with grief, he tended wounds and splinted limbs as if there was still hope.  Once that was done, he piled the goblin corpses onto the forge fires for burning.  He then gathered all the dead dwarves into the main hall, dressed them for the afterlife, fasted and prayed to Torag to heal his kin or accept them to his side in the Deep Forges of his Great Mountain.


He gathered his belongings, some holy texts of Torag, a religious symbol, then left his home for the surface.  He made his way through the wilds for a few weeks.  Then he met up with a caravan.  He hired on as a guard and tinkerer.  At night he would repeat his prayers for his family and kin, hoping he would be found honorable enough to meet them in the afterlife.


In town, he found work as a mercenary.  His knowledge of war was sought by his commanders, and his skill as a battlefield medic was welcomed by his comrades.  One night, about four years later, after his prayers he, fell into a deep vision-dream granted to him by Torag.  He was put at ease, witnessing the salvation of his kin from his prayers before he left.  It was then that Torag granted him the powers of a cleric, and the knowledge he needed to function in that role to dwarf and non-dwarf alike.  Now the only question in his mind was if the vision showed his kin alive in this life, or the next.  He hoped he would one day be reunited with some of his Steeptunnel kin.

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19 hours ago, Dilvish the Deliverer said:

Randy, how many players total are you looking for?  If it's 5 i might have one.  One of my co-workers was asking me a about PbPs because he has never done one and wanted to try one before starting one with his old game group.  I told him I'd see if there was room still and he said he would create an account and check the forums out.


I can do anther player, no worries there.



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Ok, I think I'll set up a starter post in the Playing section this week. Not sure what day (definitely won't be before Weds. Way too much stuff goes on before that day each week).


Work has been hectic as our distribution center is basically screwing over their drivers by trying to save money & using different drivers. It leads to them using local shuttle drivers to bring up the loads & well, those drivers just plain are wrong. They get paid by the hour, so they'll take their sweet time getting up here. Last night, our load didn't show up until 430 this morning. Suppose to be there around 11 pm if our regular driver was behind the wheel. Ast. Manager told me they originally estimated the load to get here at 9 this morning.......W.T........???


Yah gonna be a fun holiday season this year...

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