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The Fall of Plaguestone, Pathfinder 2nd edition


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On 10/14/2019 at 1:02 PM, Arkady said:

I'm a bit more occupied with a work project than expected. probably won't get to finish my character until next weekend :(


7 hours ago, treyn92 said:

Hey, I’m the person that @Dilvish the Deliverer was referring to. I was wondering if I still had time to join your PbP game. 


No worries on anther person. I've always found that 5 is a good comfy spot for rpgs. Also, no worries on starter as well. I'll get it up once people are ready to go.

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So, looks like my hard rive is starting to fail. Bad sector ate my character PDF. Bonus reason for the elf bard to be grumpy!


I really should be looking into getting a new computer...


Anyways, hoping disc scans correctly ID all bad sectors and the rebuild won't get eaten. If so, should get it done on Saturday.

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Hopefully you can get the problem fixed. Around the first of the month, my Chromebook wouldn't except my password so I had to refresh it. Good thing most of what is on it is in the Cloud & just lost some files that I have on the main PC. Still annoying.


Ok, I'm hoping to get this started around the first of November. I'm gonna be participating in a special Extra Life charity event at my store that night & into the wee hours of the 2nd, so I'll have a starter post up on the 31st but no worries on getting any responses up for it.

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For my Halfling Wizard, her character sheet is here: https://www.myth-weavers.com/sheet.html#id=2035912


Backstory goes here:


Nelyse didn't have the typical thieving habits that her fellow Halflings did. Instead she spent most of her time with face buried into her great grandfather’s old tomes reading about his arcane presence. Although, no one in her family had been able to harness anything remotely similar to arcane, she studied. It wasn’t until her parents sent her to talk with Janrin that he noticed potential. Janrin wasn't a great Wizard, but he was the only Wizard in their Halfling village.


She surprised him with how quickly she picked up on harnessing the ability to manifest arcane energy. Her only crutch was that she had to channel through her grandfather’s tomes for any effect. She tried to produce results without it, but only fall flat. With this only exception, Nelyse learned from her mentor, even surpassing him. As a result, she took his role as emissary for her Halfling village. She now had the duty of dealing negotiations with Ostenso for her village.


Being within the reign of Cheliax on the outskirts of Ostenso, life was mediocre at best for Halflings as it wasn't unheard of for them to become slaves within the city. She was sent to negotiations the release of some with fine clothes and embroideries made from her village. Those negotiations didn't go as plan and seemed to only insult the nobles she talked with. One thing led to another, swords were drawn, and she fled. Fearing to return to her village, she went west into the Shining Kingdoms; into Andoran.


She entered as a refugee into Andoran, not having a place to stay or a gold to her name. With only the clothes on her back and her old tome, she caught the eye of a man named Edven Vendulk, who allowed her to live under his roof for the price of joining a faction of the Bellflower Network.


She accepted and began her work under him, smuggling those from Cheliax into Andoran in a underground network of tunnels. She hoped to find her family being smuggled free one day, but has yet to seen them. She continued working for the Bellflower Network for some time before Edven sent her to recruit others to their cause else where.


Prior to leaving Andoran, Edven required her to learn more of the surrounding areas, to include their dialects and mannerisms. She studied diligently for him and seemed to pick up learning other languages almost as quickly as she did her inherent arcane abilities.


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@treyn92.  You will want to take a look at page 3, top left corner, and make sure to fill in the table labeled: Spell Attack Roll & DC. 

As a Wizard, you are:


Trained in arcane spell attacks
Trained in arcane spell DCs

The appropriate Stat is Int.

Other than that, and perhaps a couple other bits and bobs on that page, it looks solid for a new PF2 player.  Listing the number of Actions things take is super useful.  (Act box in spell list).  I'd also list ALL your spells known in that list, and hit the prep box for those you have memorized at any given day.

A side note on Unseen servant, it takes a Sustain action each round to keep going, ie, 1 action a round (of 3) to keep it going.  Just something to keep in mind.

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Apologies for no post. I woke up later then I wanted Friday after work & I still had to gather up minis for my games I was gonna run last night. I'll have the post up some next week. Short week for me as I'm taking a personal day inbetween my days off.


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@haldir The Errata Update #1 for 2E that is to be released soon states that Wizards won't be able to take a First Level Wizard feat. I was wondering if you wanted me to follow this or to follow base rules as is. I'm honestly fine either way, just wondering how you'd like to run it.

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