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The Fall of Plaguestone, Pathfinder 2nd edition


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22 hours ago, treyn92 said:

@haldir The Errata Update #1 for 2E that is to be released soon states that Wizards won't be able to take a First Level Wizard feat. I was wondering if you wanted me to follow this or to follow base rules as is. I'm honestly fine either way, just wondering how you'd like to run it.


Lets do errata. I downloaded it the other day so I'll try & keep updated as much as possible.


Ok, I need to do some things in the yard but I hope to get this up today, but I'm gonna see if my wife wants to go out of town to a better then what we got movie theater & to better restaurants as a sorta early bday present for her. So most likely this'll get pushed till tomorrow but hoping for today. Again, no pressure to get posts in as we'll go casual till everyone is comfortable with the posting & can post when they can (I know we have out of towners, computer crashes, etc etc).

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53 minutes ago, Dilvish the Deliverer said:

This still happening Randy?


It is, I just keep finding things to delay me in putting up the initial post...:upside:


Definitely won't be today as I need to crash before game night today. Hopefully I'll get it up tomorrow, but it'll be this week for sure.

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As I'm sure yall have noticed, I kinda fell off the face of the virtual Earth for family and health reasons. The EU Box of Goodwill reminded me I really need to check in here...


If I'm still in, I should be able to return to my regularly scheduled spamming, including delivering that grumpy elf bard, by early next week.


Still need to get a new computer, but that's a bridge I'll cross... no later than January, I guess.

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I just recently ordered a new computer from Dell, great prices right now due to Black Friday sale.


No worries on your place. I just haven't had the time to sit down in front of the main PC & get things going. I was gonna try for today but a friend decided to DM a game tonight at the FLGS so I'm gonna jump into that one. Probably pay for it sometime in the middle of the night at work..oh well.


It'll be this week for sure. I've got 2 days off after Tday & I've got no game till next Monday to worry about.

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Plans got derailed because it really, really isn't a good thing when the hot water starts running cold just as winter is finally giving some serious consideration to actually arriving. But hey, making sure I could take hot hot baths only cost me about two days!


Still, had some time to re-create character while waiting for calls, clueless facility maintenance men and actually fixing things handymen. I hope I'll be done by tomorrow. Like every edition, I really suck at deciding on gear.

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First off, apologizes for the very late start on this one. I fully intend to give this one a go! Life gets in the way + I don't want to just put up a post & call it good. Anyone that has been in my pbp know that I try to put as much detail into the post as  I can. I fully intend to get this one going & again, no worries on replies.

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