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Krakenships - 28mm Fantasy Tabeltop Miniatures

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Hadn't seen this one here yet.  It was mentioned on the Miniacs YouTube channel this morning.




15d655865878e0997f68d9e9897caddd_origina All Three Miniature Sets
1e426544b22935ac806f70ae888862c0_origina Phoradin Miniature Set
b6e3fbdcae489198396c1c599360343d_origina Chellon Miniature Set
8c6f530d63229e5bd24b984329209f4c_origina Grimalkin Miniature Set


Original Phoradin Miniatures are here too:

We're are also making our original Phoradin (Forest Guardian) miniatures available. We're taking this opportunity to utilize our fulfillment partners to make these available worldwide for those who were unable to purchase them outside the US.

dff507c9f0bad8d0e2566e1652526318_origina Original Phoradin Miniature Set
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Its a shame they chose to start this when they did. Bones-like quality and material, and a price around that of retail bones ($3.25/ea for all-in). If they did this a year ago during the "dry" period while people were still waiting for Bones 4, it probably would've been far more appealing.


To top it off, its all "player" character models, which are, to me, the least interesting fun to paint without reason and something I have too much of already.


Hope they make it, and I'm all-in for now, but not sure I'll keep it.

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Was wondering whether this had been posted here.

On 9/22/2019 at 3:10 AM, Spodi said:

Its a shame they chose to start this when they did.

I totally agree with this, I think its probably the main reason they may not reach their goal. Also I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere aside from here and Miniacs channel so they could've probably used some more marketing. It will be a shame if they don't reach their goal as the miniatures look pretty decent and it's really hard to find something similar to a lot of them (particularly the Firbolg type minis)

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