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Vilthiss Snakeman Champion by Glitterwolf

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55 minutes ago, Argentee said:

Those itty bitty buckles would have driven me mad, but you did a great job with them! Wonderful attention to detail.



Thx! I had to repaint them and those belts a few times..

But it's a great sculpt!


50 minutes ago, malefactus said:

The Big Snake Guy is one of your FINEST WORKS...LOVELY background as well. VERY WELL DONE!


Thanks Al!

Glad you like him, he is for hire in case your Spooky Woods get infested with rats..

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13 minutes ago, vegascat said:

He looks really awesome, your models are always wonderful to see <3


Thanks Buddy!

Happy yu like them, your support is motivating!


3 minutes ago, Darcstaar said:

Excellent.  The mouth is great.  Nice rust effects.  What a wicked weapon!


Thank you!

The blade reminds me a bit of the Klingon blades.


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11 hours ago, Fire_Eyes said:

I love the way you handled the texture on his face. He looks lethal!



Thank you!

The great sculpt helped a lot with that.


1 hour ago, Warlady said:

Love the very poisonous yellow and green!


Thanks, Scale 75 Irati Green, Spring Green and Sol Yellow and a Secret Weapon Armour Wash.

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