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hellow I am almost started with CAV I just need to get some opinions

1. what is your fav. CAV (not for looks for when your on the field)

2. how many points is good per section on average

3. is it worth it to upgrade the officers and piolets


Alright I have a Mantis, Rhino, Gladiator, Challenger, Soverein, and another Mantis. I was thinking for 1 section I would use the Rhino, Gladiator, Challenger, and getting an Emperor. Would this be a smart move or should I get something else. Also should I with every section have an anti-soft CAV. Thanks I looked through the posts and ther wasnt much of these questions anywhere else. Sorry if I didnt see a post like this one if there is another post similar to this one please let me know thnks again.



P.S. thanks ahead of time ^_^

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From the looks and on table ability I love the RMI Sultan it has enough punch with it's guns but it's IF missile pack is just amazing being able to be either +4/+0 or +2/+2 with a 2" AOE or +0/+4 with a 4" AOE.


My next favourite would have to be the Mantis, this is a well designed superiority CAV with no obvious flaw.


My force is moving in an unusual direction, I am working on a Terran Legion and so I have allowed myself very few different chassis to work with. Most of my sections are 4 of a single type of unit, thus I tend not to have an anti-soft unit in a section unless it is a section of 4 anti soft things. I just prefer to have dedicated sections so they move and act with a single purpose. However Kamut is of totally the other mindset and tends to have a support and an anti-soft unit in every section.


In the UK we barely use upgraded crew and as it is a Brit who has won the last 2 Warmasters (Congrats again Leech) it seems a valid concept. I tend to just use any left over points for crew upgrades, and given a choice on upgrading a pilot to veteran or adding +1 armour I always do the armour (the points cost is the same).


Section points I find 1400 - 1500 is pretty good most of the time.



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I, surpringly, agree with Stuart on all counts. However, since my army is a more free form mercenary unit I don't tend to have pure sections.


What I commonly do is to make a section with purity of purpose, but I'll use two or three chassis in that section and if possible I'll try and have something with a reasonable soft target RAV. But I don't see it as essential, and my superiority sections tend to rely upon their low anti-soft guns and missiles.


As for what rocks, well the obvious one is the Mantis. It hits hard, has great armour and isn't too expensive for the role. This years Warmaster final round saw 9 Manti take to the field, two of which were mine.


Another CAV I like is the Wraith. It works well as a secondary superiority CAV and it's low speed means it'll be tough to get ahead of the front line killers... plus they work well for guarding Rhinos and other Supers. The Falcon is also good in this role as well.


The Revenant is also a good capable CAV. Higher speed, meaning it can keep up with Heavy class CAV's easier, and good guns and missiles. Plus, since it's a Super, it takes a lot to kill it.


I also rate Sovereigns, Conquerors, Spiders, Duelists, Gladiators and both Starhawk models, plus the Sabretooth is handy for mass soft killing. Aircraft are easy, Harpies and Tsuisekis, and tanks is comes down to the Banshee/Chieftain or Naginata for me.


Rhinos, while powerful, are easy to negate because of their low range and low speed. They take forever to kill, which is good because they take even longer to get into range. Unless I'm planning on blugeoning my enemy or I'm fighting a more defensive scenario I normally don't field a Rhino. It's stats look nice, but it doesn't work out that way unfortunately.

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Statwise, my personal favorite is the Starhawk V; As Stuart pointed out, I'm one for balance, we tend to favor high speed, and good range over armor and firepower. It works either way of course, so this is personal preference. We've been upgrading these with a few weapons swaps to adjust their abilities, favoring a Diedre mark one replacing the right arm. We swap both arms for heavier hard target opposition.


Not only do we favor balanced CAVs, but we balance our sections and overall fighting forces as well. Basically by doing this, we can challenge any threat hard or soft within an activation, with almost anyone of our sections. It keeps us fluid and hard to contain.


Of course, you know I like the Hawk VI too, a bit expensive, but worth every point under our fight doctrine. I've learned to respect the Regent in all her forms but the Dictator 70 is a serious cruiserwieght. I tend to favor the overdrive for mere range as opposed to firepower, but the extra umph helps within 36 inches.


What can I say about the Mantis, ton for ton, point for point, she's obviously the top of her class. I don't use them myself, but I've certainly come against them enough to respect their abilities.


It may seem like we dislike Supers, but mostly they don't quite gel well with the way we operate. We have a general guideline, if you have to move a Rhino 24 inches just to get into range, we'll use a Starhawk VI instead. When they are used, its better to keep them in a confined area where in order to engage them directly, your opponents will have to get into the range of her guns. just protect your supers from IF attacks and gunships.


Have fun!

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I played in a huge game this week, and here's a couple of points I noticed. Having a support fire unit in a section means that you keep the activation card in the deck after all the superiorities are dead. Jer had a Spider in with his superiority section, and after it tangled with my super heavies, all he had left was the Spider. I wrecked both of his superiority sections, leaving him with that Spider and a Specter (from the other section). After he wrecked both of my superiority sections, I was out two cards and he wasn't, so on the third and fourth rounds he owned the initiative deck.


We used everything we had. I literally had a Kikyu left in the box. And even so, I was 3000 points short of our game total. So I had a 1000 points in equipment upgrades and 2000 points in crew upgrades. And I got trashed. I'd much rather have metal than men. For those 2000 points of crew I'd love to have 2 or 3 section of units.


I had a super heavy section that was ~2200 points, a couple superiority sections at about 1500, a suppression section at 1400, and a lot of smaller sections. If I had more units to field, I would have lowered the points in the super section and the suppression section considerably, and spread those points out.


I was seriously hampered by my inability to kill soft things. I knew going in that Jer had a lot of aircraft, and I wasn't able to counter them effectively. Make sure you can kill planes.



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Unfortunately, the Tsuiseki and Harpy and Kharl have such a range advantage that they're very difficult to kill if used in anything like a semi-intelligent way.


I've tried the mixed sections Storminator suggested, and in a very small game I'd use them. Otherwise, pure fire sections with chain locks and other assorted nasties. Even a Rhino is gonna feel the pain.

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I think I've come to a realization a while ago that the best defense against a gunship, is another gunship. especially with the JoR2. Its hard to negate the Kharl and Tsuiseki's range, especially with CAV heavy forces.


On smaller tables thats when I opt for fire saturation using IFM. I'm not even trying to target them, just throw enough splash in their area, I'm bound to scratch a point or two if i'm lucky. make it easier for my own gunships, I'll admit, my gunship handling isn't all that, but thats one area I'm trying to improve.

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This is how I have my three superiority sections structured for now.


1. 2 Dictator '70's, Starhawk V, Regent

2. Dictator '70, Dictator, Starhawk V, Regent

3. 2 Dictators, Starhawk VI, Regent


I'm trying to go with a limited number of variants as well. Seems more like what a national or corporate army would do.


I was initially running some slower support CAV's a Specter and 2 Conquerers but decided to replace them with the faster Regents in the superiority sections and send the slower support CAV's along with a Kahn to Battalion.


In my somewhat limited gaming experience I've found this set-up to be a fairly mobile,versatile,hard hitting unit.

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Yeah, course! :o)



1) Squishies w/ dual AT-23's in an APC


2) Squaihies w/ dual AT-23's in an AT


3) Either kind with dual heavy mortars on foot with a spotter


Each has it's uses.

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man, I've won and lost games on account of infantry. We usually go by a mechanized format, and group our grunts into "platoons"


we tend to split our grunts of course; AT23/FA45.


we tweak our APCs into spotters for double mortar troops.


Our typical platoon is one mortar section and 2 sections of infantry/APCs with AT23/FA45. most of the time they're light.


we've been experimenting with HINF platoons no APCs with a light spotter CAV for our mortar section. they work well enough, but I'm not a big fan of it. these will mostly be "airborne troops" for use since we're using a variation of Stuarts combat drop rules.

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I'm trying to organize my army along the lines of a modern armored brigade. The brigade would have an independant CAV battalion, Infantry battalion,etc...


The independant battalions would be converted into task forces for actual battle so what you would get would be a balanced force on the battle field.


Say for instance:


Task Force Ripper-


1 Cav superiority company

1 Mech Inf. company

2 Tank sections

2 Air support sections


The mission would dictate the compostion of the task forces. An armored engagement on open terrain would have a much different task force composition than an urban engagement.

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1) Depends. I am partial to Katanas and Jaguars for my mop-up duty, Dictators, Wights and 70s Dictators for my front line CAV, Conquerors and Spiders show up often for indirect. Each section is going to have a different style of CAV, vehicle or infantry, depending on the sections purpose.


2) Again, it depends. A section of infantry, with transport, will rarely top 500. Aircraft routinely come in at less than 800. Indirect or second-line CAV run about 1k per section, and a front line, all CAV, superiority section can top 2k, easily.


3) I will sometimes upgrade pilots or wizzos. Typically, my upgrades are armor, wizzo, move, and repair - generally in that order. But I don't always use upgrades. I have more of a swarm of lead approach, while some prefer to have a smaller, higher-quality army.

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